It's about time.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All Washed Up.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Again Kathy and I both slept quite well but she was upset that I was up before 7:00 this morning. I just seemed to snap awake into my get up and go mode. We had plans for today that involved towing the trailer so I just chalked it up to pretravel wakefulness. Even though we had finished breakfast before 8:00 Kathy didn’t want to get tangled up with the working rush hour traffic so we spent about a half hour reading on the computers before loading the truck with cleaning materials. 
Kathy capture a few more signs of Spring.

We got to the storage yard around the same time as most of the School Buses returning from their morning runs getting all the elementary students to their destinations on time. Once the trailer was securely attached to the back of the truck and the lights checked we were leaving the storage yard minutes before 9:00. 

Even though the temperature in our region is not reflective of the normal temperatures of spring there was definitely another way to tell the season. Construction has started and there are now detours all over the city and in every which direction. We still made good time and had the trailer backed into our son Kevin’s driveway before 10:00. 
Took a moment to clean out Kevin's Eave troughs.
The reason for bringing the trailer out there was to wash it. Last year after our return from Florida the trailer spent months in the repair shop from a blowout while I recovered from hernia surgery. When we got it back I still wasn’t able to climb on top and start cleaning so we just hit the road with a slightly dirty trailer. By the time we returned from that trip the trailer had to go back into the repair shop for a second blowout. We didn’t get it back until the first part of December. 
Sully was watching me washing the trailer.
While we were in Florida this year the few parks that allowed you to wash your trailers charged a washing fee which wasn’t too bad. The problem was every time I was going to clean it the thunder storms would roll in putting an end to my washing the trailer. Now fourteen months after its last wash you could say the trailer was looking quite grungy. 

After raising the antenna and opening the vent covers I set to work trying unsuccessfully to clean the roof with my long handled brush. It took over three hours of using a hand style scrub brush on my hands and knees to clean the roof and covers. There was a lot of debris that had been caused by fallout when the Sugar Cane fields in Moore Haven Florida would be set on fire. 

Of course Kathy had brought supplies from home as well and made certain that Kevin and I had a nutritious lunch of chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and applesauce. That even helped straighten my back for a while. 

Once the roof was finished it was nearly totally white in comparison to the grungy grey it had been earlier. Then we started the same process on the sides of the trailer starting with the nose. At least Kevin could help me by rinsing the sides with the hose on the ground which he could not do on the roof because of the Arthritis in his hands. One by one they started looking the vibrant colors that the trailer originally had until it was finished. 

Another thing I had done upon our arrival this morning was to totally empty the Fresh Water Tank that was filled with Floridian Water. Now Florida is a nice place to visit and to ride out cold winters but their water leaves a lot to be desired. It has given Kathy severe kidney infections the last two years and whenever you washed with it the stench of Sulphur water would waft throughout the room. Our tank is now topped off with the refreshing water of home that we no longer take for granted. 

After getting the bicycles and ladder mounted back on the trailer for traveling we said our thanks and good byes and were on our way with a shiny new looking trailer. It was after 6:30 by the time we had backed Ava into her spot in the storage yard. We were both so tired that we stopped at Wendy’s for Supper. 

Now that the trailer is all washed up I feel all washed out and know that after a nice warm shower I’ll have no problem sleeping tonight. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. That's a big job . . . you need a Nicolas to take care of that for you!!

  2. Wow, a big job done! I'm impressed. Must feel good to have that one off the list!

  3. YIKES.....we can't even get the van washed up and it's WAY smaller than the trailer!!

  4. Oooh squeaky clean!!! and loved the part about cleaning your son's rain gutter and the same time.. tee hee!

    Karen and Steve
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