It's about time.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Bumps in The Road.

Our Location today is Middlebury, Indiana.

We both slept fairly well last night because we were both tired from all the last minute packing we did yesterday. The plan was to take our time so that we’d miss the morning rush hour from all those that are still working. Even taking our time we were arriving at the storage yard shortly after 9:00 which meant all the School Buses had returned from their morning runs. While Kathy finished storing everything in the refrigerator that we brought this morning I prepped the truck for towing the trailer. Within minutes we were hooked and ready to hit the road. 

That is where it all hit the fan. No matter how often Kathy or I entered our destination for the day into our GPS the message that no such destination could be found. Next we tried entering in the coordinates whenever we hit find the coordinates would change and give us an ETA of thirteen and a half hours for a three and a half hour trip. 

So a snap decision was made to do it the old fashioned way and read a map. Would you believe that Kathy had decided not to bring her maps for a change. Since we were already hooked up we headed back to the apartment where I dropped Kathy at the road because the design of the parking lot would have been impossible for me to maneuver the trailer in it. While she went to the apartment and got the necessary maps and Atlas I drove around a couple of blocks and parked facing the building. When I saw her crossing the road that was my signal to pick her up. 

Not bad we were finally on our way taking the Expressway across town and just slowing our speed slightly through the construction zone. We were only forty-five minutes behind our planned departure. Once we were heading towards the Ambassador Bridge on Huron Church Road we had only green lights and everything seemed brighter until we crossed the bridge. It looked like a major Snowbird Migration was taking place. We slowly inched our way to the only RV/Bus inspection lane that was open gritting our teeth as cars forced their way ahead of us. 

We were now only two hours behind our estimated time of clearing immigration. Once on I-94 heading westbound towards Chicago the only problems we were having was the bone jarring roads. The traffic continued to flow and we saw the last of our delays. 

Since we didn’t want to have problems with having food on board that would cause us problems at the border we just brought what we knew was safe. When we saw the Meijer’s sign as we were approaching Ann Arbor we pulled in. We used their washrooms, shared a Submarine Sandwich at the in store Quiznos Sub shop, got exercise walking around the store and picked up the groceries we’ll need for the next few days in less than an hour and a half. When we went outside to leave we noticed that we had missed out on a heavy rainstorm while we were inside. 

It didn’t take us long to get everything put away in the trailer and get back on the Interstate. Even though we were actually making good time it seemed like we had been on the road forever. Taking exit 74-a finally put us on state route 133 south and within forty minutes we were pulling into the Middlebury K.O.A. for the night. 

We have stopped here many times for as much as a week. They always lead you to your sites and make certain it is a good fit. This is a clean well run campground that has a pool, laundromat, a store with supplies that will cover most anyone’s needs and Shower houses.
By the time we had everything set up it was after 5:00 so Kathy put together supper while I finished setting up the computers. This evening the Campground had an Ice Cream Social and all proceeds goes to support K.O.A. Kamp for Kids. (Sorry no Pics) 

Tomorrow we can take our time leaving because it is only a half hour drive over to the Goshen Fairgrounds where we are registered as Early Bird arrivals. Looking around the campground tonight it doesn’t look like we are the only ones here thinking that way. It will be interesting to get reacquainted with other Escapees that we met a few years back and to meet new members of a very special club. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. guys made good time, even if you did have to go the old fashioned map route! LOL!
    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Glad your bad luck didn't follow you all the way to Indiana! Have fun at the escapade!