It's about time.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Earlybird Escapees.

Our Location today is Goshen, Indiana.

Just as if we had never gone back to the apartment we both slept soundly last night even though the temperature dropped to near 50 F. Being in the trailer we seldom feel rushed even with the sunshine finding a way to stir us from our sleep shortly after 7:30 this morning.
Having a simple breakfast of cereal and coffee we took our time getting ready to roll. While we were still seated at the dining table Kathy entered the address of the Goshen Fairgrounds the same way she did yesterday but surprise surprise the GPS accepted the address today that it wouldn’t accept yesterday.

Since we’d only dropped our stabilizers and only connected the water and electric it only took a few minutes for us to have everything packed away and ready to hit the road. We did need to stop to top off our fuel before continuing on to Goshen and since we only needed 67 gallons it was less than a half hour before we were back on the road.

One thing we don’t understand is that when the GPS actually takes us to our destination it uses all the back roads and alleyways it can find. When you are towing 38 feet of trailer behind you it is not always the easiest thing to do especially when you’re dodging low hanging branches from trees growing right next to the roads.
At exactly 10:00 we were turning into the Goshen Fairgrounds and joined the short line of Early Birds to get parked. Since we’ll be here until next Saturday Kathy had booked us into a full service site. The last time we had attended we had paid to have our waste tanks emptied but they had only cleaned the grey tank which caused a problem. Now we’ll be certain to empty the tanks when it’s needed.

We were directed towards the infield of the fairground racetrack. After making certain there were no horses coming around the track while we were crossing we were guided back into site #531 full hookup by the infield stage.

Once we were unhooked the chore of setting up and getting comfortable for the next week began. Kathy was busy getting the inside of the trailer ready while I installed our Storage Skirt we had made in Florida by Ard’s. I had just finished taking the bicycles off the rear of the trailer when Kathy called me in for lunch.
Since we can’t register until tomorrow we took off for a bike ride to see what building that would be taking place in. There was also a farm auction that was taking place today in the livestock barns as well as some of the other outbuildings so it was like riding through an obstacle course. Once we found the place we’ll be registering tomorrow we continued riding around until we had ridden the entire outer road of the Fairgrounds.

We were only back at the trailer a short while before heading into town to check it out. There have been a lot of new buildings built as well as a lot of old buildings demolished since the last time we were here. We finally stopped at Walmart where Kathy continued to look for pants that seem to have disappeared from the shelves and today was no exception. We did find a couple of pant hangers that will help in her organizing as well as a few more groceries.

We then drove over to Das Dutchman Essenhaus Restaurant back in Middlebury. We have eaten here many times and are always pleased with the Amish Style meals that are served. Our preference is to eat in the Menu Order section where you enjoy a meal and can walk away. The one time we brought our traveling friends Gerry and Sandy Bronstein there we made the mistake of going to the Family Dining side and we all waddled out of the place and hardly ate for the next few days. We went there tonight to celebrate Mother’s Day early figuring that it would be a madhouse in there tomorrow.
On our way back to the fairgrounds the GPS made us drive around a few blocks we didn’t need to but it finally got us home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Your the third couple I read today that are attending the rally. We really enjoy that area of Indiana. Have a great time!

  2. Rick & Kathy, Donna & I are on the parking crew here at the Escapade, we were the ones that had you make the right turn to go to the track where they parked you.Hope to see you guys this week sometime. Sam & Donna Weibel..

  3. Have fun! We love the Essenhaus, but the last couple times we were there we tried the 5&20 restaurant in Shipshewana, and found it to be just as good!