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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Change Of Plans With Double Stops and Enjoyable Visit.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Since we were tied up on having restless sleeps last night we just went to bed and both tossed around most of the night. We’d fall asleep but every time we turned over we were awake for at least Ten Minutes. It may not sound like or add up to much time awake but it is a proven fact that your body and mind need uninterrupted sleep to be at its peak performance.
When we finally got up we muddled through breakfast while discussing what we wanted to do today in other words we made Plans. We only spent the time it took to have a single Coffee/Tea to read things On-Line before getting ready to head out so that I would be able to go exercise this afternoon. Looking outside with the bright Sunshine was quite deceiving because with the Windchill it was quite nippy.
We reached 21 F (- 6 C) today.

We drove to the old Red Cross building on Grand Marais so we could go to VitalAire. With the Sinus Problems that Kathy is experiencing the CPAP Mask that she uses is not always practical when she can’t breath through her nose. She is presently scheduled for Surgery next August to fix the problem but in the meantime needs an alternative. They were able to loan her a Full Face Mask similar to the one that I use but more to her size. Once we know that will work for her then they will order her own Mask and bill it to our Insurance.
Our next stop was to actually pick up a few groceries today so we headed back to the Zehr’s grocery store. It took some time and we got most of what was on our List.
It was nearly 12:30 when we loaded our purchases in the Car but we still had more shopping to do so we headed to Burger King. Using a Coupon we were able to have a satisfying meal at a reasonable price.
Our next stop was Walmart where we were able to find the rest of the things on our List but since it was still early we decided to walk around. That was when Kathy spotted a Bookshelf that was exactly what we had looked for as a Television Stand rather then using the Sideboard we were about to do. After getting an Associate from the Furniture Section over we were told the Floor Model they had was the only one in stock and Not for Sale. But they gave me the Skew Number.
There were a few more things we stopped at Dollarama to pick up for a craft that Kathy is working on before we headed back to the Apartment.
After bringing everything in Kathy busied herself putting them away while I called the West-End Walmart. Giving them the Skew Number I was told they would not have that Bookshelf until the beginning of March. Since this is Thursday I called the Amherstburg Walmart where I found out that they had Two of those Bookshelves in stock. One was sent to the Customer Service Desk with our name on it.
Since it was nearly 4:00 Kathy reheated the Leftovers from last night’s supper that we didn’t have for lunch as our evening meal.
We were soon on our way to the Amherstburg Walmart and found the Bookshelf we were interested in at the Customer Service Desk. We also realized we’d forgotten to put a few things on the List this morning so got those before leaving the store.
It was still a bit early for our scheduled visit so we visited the Amherstburg Dollarama to do more walking. With each of these stores being privately owned just like the Walmart we were finding things that the other stores did not carry.
We arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house just after 6:00. As usual Melissa had set out snacks for everyone to enjoy along with some nice hot Tea that helped take the chill out of our bodies. We always have an enjoyable visit with them that includes a lot of laughter and tonight was no different. It was past 8:00 when we said our Good Nights and headed for Windsor.

Luckily when we arrived at the Apartment there was a Shopping Cart downstairs. Once the Cart was loaded Kathy brought it upstairs while I parked the Car. We watched the 11 o’clock Local News before Kathy went to bed. Since my Plan to exercise today didn’t happen I’m hoping to get up early enough to do it tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Glad you finally found a suitable bookshelf. I'm curious what Kathy's project is but I assume its a gift for someone likely for your before

  2. I am sorry to hear you both had a restless sleep last night hopefully as I type this you all will be in deep slumber.

    That is the beauty of living in a big city being able to drive to another store to find what you need. I would have to drive to Eagle Pass, Texas to visit the next closest Walmart and that is a 120-mile round trip.

    Glad you had a nice visit with your son and daughter-in-law.

  3. Sleeping is highly overrated. I don't seem to get much either. Nice you found the bookshelf you wanted.

  4. Sometimes when not specifically looking for that item you want is when it appears right in front of you!
    I sure feel bad for people who can't sleep. Thankfully it has never been an issue for me - touch wood!

  5. You two walk a lot in stores. Leonard was told by the doctor at University of Alabama at Birmingham that he now needs to walk every day. Since it is still really cold here (27 this morning) they suggested a Mall. No malls in the area so Walmart it is. We did that on Wednesday. Yesterday it POURED all day. Never left the house. Today we will walk again. Just have to remember.... we don't need anything. Keep the wallet in our pockets.

  6. I hope Kathy gets her sinus fixed up. My E.N.T. specialist put me on a steroid spray which has really kicked my problems to the bucket! After a year I can finally breath clearly. I'll be having surgery down the road too but they can't do it with a lot of inflammation out of control.
    Are we going to see your TV cabinet? We need a new one.

  7. Glad your persistence paid off and you found your shelve. I hope the surgery goes well and Kathy will be able to breathe better. Full face mask should be a help.