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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Phone Calls, Errands and Chores.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Having left some of the Windows slightly ajar overnight really helped us to sleep like a couple of rocks. The temperature was in the Mid Fifties by the time we got up but the Sun was shining brightly.
We started the morning doing our reading at the Computers and took care of a few other things. Just after 9:00 our Dentist’s Office called to remind me about tomorrows early appointment. Shawn is so busy that he is working Six Days a Week.
We were still doing our reading around 10:00 when our daughter Karen called to remind us about the Block Yard Sale taking place tomorrow morning. In the past we have brought things over to her house to sell mostly from our Storage Unit. With all the Doctors and Medical Appointments along with all the errands we had totally forgot about it. Guess we’ll just hope that they do it again next year.
Kathy was worried the Beef Roast that we still had would not keep much longer and the Leftover Pieces would not be enough for making Sandwiches. While she buttered the Bread I chopped the last of the Roast small enough it easily made Two Beef Sandwiches with no problem. We Shared an Apple along with some Cookies but each had an Orange to give us our protein.
With full tummies we were soon out the Door. Our destination was Pharma Choice in Amherstburg to get the rest of the one Medication that was owed to Kathy. When they didn’t have enough they marked the Vial as Owing and made certain that we knew about it. Since I didn’t have enough to do all her Pill Doucettes yesterday I simply left Two of the Larger Doucettes aside.

We then headed towards Windsor for more of our errands. Heading up 18 Highway as we were driving through LaSalle Kathy suggested we see some of the changes that progress had brought to the community that she spent most of her life in. There were lots of changes since we moved from there Sixteen Years ago.

We continued driving down Todd Lane until we entered Windsor. We noticed work is being done in preparation to widen Cabana Road. Some sections are already widened and others sections are being done now with more slated for Future Expansion. In order to keep Local Taxes down the entire project will take years to finish.
Our next stop was Guardian Storage where we had a fair amount of Mail today. While Kathy was going through the Mail I called VitalAire to see about our Back Ordered Supplies and was told they are still on Back Order. That’s been over a Month now. Odd!
We then stopped at the nearby Dollarama to gather a few things we were getting short handed on.
We drove over to the Motor City Community Credit Union to do some Banking. With all these Birthdays and Graduations we needed a little more Cash.
Our next stop was the Home Hardware in Tecumseh where we had purchased the Self Adhesive Weather Stripping that would not work on Wednesday. The Manager insisted it should work but couldn’t get that Roll or Two others of the same Brand to work. Since I insisted that it had to work before I left the store he finally got another Brand to work.
We stopped at the Pioneer gas station on Manning Road to top off the Car with gasoline. With the unrest in the Middle East we expect the prices will increase soon.
It was nearly 4:00 when we stopped at the Michigan Dinner in Essex. With this being Friday we had their Fish and Chips off the Senior’s Menu.
While we were eating we noticed a lot of Traffic on Victoria Street and just thought it was odd. When we were leaving the traffic was backed up to nearly the Highway 3 Bypass. When we arrived at the Traffic Light the Bypass was closed off by Police Cruisers. That is not a good sign on a road that has a reputation for being a Killer Highway.

As soon as we were Home the first thing I did was to add that One Medication to Kathy’s Two Pill Doucettes. Kathy took care of the Birthday Gifts from the Credit Union. They will all be gone this week. I then headed outside to empty and flush our Waste Tanks. It has been Twelve Days.

The Temperatures are going to be cool again tonight. Tomorrow our appointment is for 9:00 then we have some errands to do before we come Home to do more chores before we get the Above Seasonal Temperatures this coming week. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. This is the first time I hear of a Pharmacy "owing" a they just make you wait until they have the complete number of pills.

    That was such a neat old car at the gas station!