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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Beating The Rain, Shopping, “Secondhand Lions” and A Happy Fathers Day Wish..

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Before going to bed last night we made a big mistake. We left most of the Windows slightly ajar. The fact that we left our Bedcover on we really didn’t feel the cold. The problem was all the Fresh Air we were breathing had us sleeping a lot later then we wanted to do.

I hadn’t even finished raising the Window Shades downstairs when Kathy came downstairs. We both had to wait a bit before breakfast would be ready and we were only having Cereal.
This couple drove by wearing Shorts and Heavy Coats.
Looking outside we were surprised to see Golfers out on the Greens wearing Shorts, Coats, Gloves and Toques. That was making quite a fashion statement.

The One thing that had not happened yet was the forecasted Rain for our area. Before I even sat at the Computer I went outside to find the Grass was completely dry after not having had any morning Dew. The fact that it needed to be mowed had me scrambling to cut it before the Rain actually arrived especially since we have an older model Electric Lawnmower. I got the entire lawn cut and was disconnecting the Extension Cord just as it began. I stood under our Gazebo to wind up the Cord before heading in. There was no edging or blowing off the Patio today.
We enjoyed a second cup of Coffee/Tea at the Computers while watching people scrambling on the Golf Course in the Rain. When we finished at the Computers we got together to make up a Shopping List before Kathy started making lunch. She made open faced Hot Beef and Portobello Mushroom Sandwiches while I served up Strawberries on Yogurt for dessert.
This field was mostly Water covered on Thursday.
As soon as the dishes were cleaned up we were on our way to Amherstburg. It was nice to see the Farmers Fields that had standing Water in them the other day dried up probably from all the Wind we have gotten the last couple of days.
Our destination was the No-Frills grocery store. We took our time getting only what was on our Shopping List. When we came out the Rain had finally stopped for a while.
Since we couldn’t get everything on our List we needed to make another stop at Dollarama. There are some things that grocery stores just cannot compete when it comes to low prices.
June Bugs (AKA Fishflies) are cover the walls early this year.
Just as we got back to Wildwood Gold and RV Park the Rain started once again. Luckily we had brought our Raincoats so it wasn’t a problem.
We were only at the Computers a short while when we decided to have supper. We had Split Pea with Ham Soup for supper to help take the chill out of our bodies and for dessert we each had a Muffin.

We decided to watch the movie “Secondhand Lions” starring Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osment which last 110 Minutes about a couple of Uncles looking after a Great Nephew for the summer of 1962. This is a must see video for all ages and we gave it a Ten Rating. Even if you saw it at the Theater years ago when it first came out you will enjoy the behind the scenes interviews and commentary which were just as good as the movie itself.

Kathy and I want to take this moment to wish all our Male Readers a Safe and Happy Fathers Day.

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It’s about time.

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  1. Not sure why sleeping in is a big mistake if you didn't have an appointment. :D I enjoy it when I can sleep in once in a while. :)
    Happy Dad's Day!

  2. When you said No Frills grocery store, I didn't realize that was the name! Gave me a laugh! Happy Father's Day!!

  3. Good for you on only getting those items on the shopping list. I never do. That's why I now do the Walmart pick up. I go online. Order the groceries. Drive to Walmart where they load the truck. No temptations!

  4. We love Secondhand Lions, one of those movies I can watch over and over! Happy Father's Day Rick!

  5. If you're cold turn the heat up like they did in quartzsite 105 degrees
    That will warm up them old bones.
    Happy father's day