It's about time.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Flowerbed Progress, Pepper Steak and Mowed The Grass Before The Rain Started.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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I had already gotten things ready for breakfast and checked The Weather Network by the time that Kathy joined me downstairs at 8:00 this morning. Something is definitely wrong when I was the one who was warm and Kathy was cold. It has to be the change in her Medications.

After getting my inside chores finished it was time to man the cutting board and chop up the Celery, Onions, Peppers and of course the Steak so that Kathy could make her delicious Pepper Steak for tonight’s supper. By chopping the Meat into bite sized pieces and slow cooking it in the Crock Pot the toughest piece of meat will come out nice and tender.

Once that was all finished and the counter cleaned up it was time to make an early lunch. We made Chicken Noodle Soup and finished the last of the Cantaloupe that was sent home with us from my Aunt Anna’s 80th Birthday Party.
My plan was to continue redoing the Flowerbed around our Emerald Cedar Trees. When the Flowerbed was originally made we had created a Scalloped Effect on the back side using Decorative Edging Bricks but it caused a problem when cutting and trimming the Grass. I straightened the back to make that chore much easier.

It was then time to apply a fresh Landscaping Cloth but first I had to finish removing the old one. As mentioned in yesterday’s Blog the ground all around is Clay. Since the trees roots could not penetrate the Clay they started penetrating the old Landscape Cloth so when it Rains they got the Water. Before applying the new Cloth I also gave each Tree a Vitamin Spike that will give them the nutrients they can’t get in the Clay.

Kathy came outside and busied herself weeding our Front Flowerbed. She got quite a bit cleaned up until she cut her Fingertip on the sharp edges of the One Plant. I’ll have to trim that One back for her once I finish the Rear Flowerbed.

Since I was reusing the Quartz Stone that had been in that Flowerbed I have to separate all the Dirt, Tree Seeds and Twigs from the Stone by Hand. I found that by using the Stiff Rake it would separate some of the Debris but not all. When there was a good amount of waste I could sweep it up and put it with the other Yard Waste in the back of the Truck.
Kathy called me in for supper around 5:30 but I had been already catching whiffs of the Pepper Steak before that. Served on a bed of Rice and coated with a lite dusting of Parmesan Cheese it was totally delicious. Of course Kathy figured I was working hard so she added to my portion.

Kathy cleaned up the dishes while I went back outside. Earlier the grass had been quite damp but it was now dry. It is also growing like crazy and with more Rain forecasted for tomorrow I took the next Half Hour to make our lawn look like we care about it because we do.
Sorting the Stone one handful at a time.
Once that was completed I went right back to hand separating the Stone from the waste. Kathy came outside to enjoy the Fresh Air and to keep me company. With about Three Quarters of the Clean Stone back in the Flowerbed we had to call it a night around 8:00 because of the Mosquitoes. All the Rain this area has made this a breeding ground for them.
There's the Sun.
Our warm showers were really appreciated. At10:30 more Rain started coming down. Just what we need to make us sleep soundly. Tomorrow we have some Errands to run. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. It will be real pretty for sure

  2. Your yard is looking wonderful and so green! Lots of work to keep you busy and out of trouble :) Dinner looks yummy too!

  3. That sounds like painstaking work!