It's about time.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trailer’s Empty, Weather Is Cold and We’re Tired.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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Even though we didn’t think we would be rushing today when we got up at 7:30 we soon found ourselves running out of time. After looking at The Weather Network and seeing 25 F (-4 C) as the outdoor temperature we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, even having a few minutes to talk to Karen before heading out the door. 

We had thought about waiting to go to the Trailer after lunch but then we had second thoughts and it was a good thing. We arrived at Guardian Storage minutes after 10:00 and set about opening the Slides before turning on our Blue Flame Heater. Some would think that would be a waste of time but when you are cold you need someplace to warm up. 

Kathy continued packing the few things on the counter then double checked that all Drawers, Shelves and Closets were empty before doing more dusting. She soon stopped seeing her breath as the Trailer warmed up. 
Notice this isn't Quartzsite.

I wasn’t as fortunate as I had to unload the Bicycle Carrier of the Barrels and our Tandem Bike all of which were well fastened. Then the Bicycle Carrier and all its Brackets had to be removed as well. Kathy came out to see how I was doing and telling me the inside was ready. 
Kathy added labels you can actually read to our
Control Center along with the Indicator Switches we installed.
About that time a School Bus Driver who had been cleaning out his Bus came over to talk. His name was also Rick, related how both he and his wife loved traveling with their smaller Fifth Wheel in the summer. When we started telling him about being in the desert “Off the Grid” it really started to appeal to him. Maybe in a few more years when they are both Retired. 
Our present Battery Bank and Charge Controller on the right.
After taking another load to the Storage Unit we headed to Taco Bell for Lunch. The place was packed but it felt good just to be able to sit down in a warm building. The outside temp had risen to the Freezing Mark. 
Our Pure Sine Wave Inverters.
Back at the Trailer while I packed up the last of the things in the Basement Kathy loaded the last of our things from inside. While I went under the Trailer to shut off the Propane Valve at the Manifold Block, Kathy was busy sweeping the Basement. I then went inside and disconnected our Blue Flame Heater so that it could be stored. By the time we closed the Storage Unit the Temperature Gauge on the dash was showing 3 C (37 F) which was our high for the day. 
Our Shut-off connection for our Blue Flame Heater out of the way.
That's the edge of the carpet on the Slide.
We realized we forgot to bring the Camera so after loading the Tandem Bike we drove back to Karen’s house in Tecumseh. Kathy retrieved the Camera while I unloaded the Bicycle and stored it in the backyard. 
Bringing our Tandem Bicycle to our daughter's home.
Since Jayco was very specific that we remove all personal items we were told by Very Good Friends in the RV Industry to photograph Things we had to leave in place such as Solar Panels, Batteries, Stabilizers and other modifications. We also photographed some of the issues that Jayco’s Repair Center will have to deal with. It felt like we were walking out of an empty building when we left for the day. 
Covering our Tandem Bike.
After grabbing a quick bite for supper, we stopped at the Zehrs grocery store for a few things before going back to Karen’s. 
List of major repairs.
I then had to type up the main concerns that we have noticed with the Trailer as well as creating a Photo Collage of the major problems. 

One more day before the Trailer has to be at the Dealer’s. Tomorrow’s High Temp will be 39 F (4 C). A real heatwave. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I bet it was a little sad walking away from your RV today. We sure hope the repairs go well and you are back in it soon!

  2. I bet it feels great to have that all done. Hope they get it all fixed and you have it back before you know it.

  3. Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. I hope it warms up soon.

  4. You are sure getting your daily exercise in! Good idea to photograph everything!! A job well done. Now you can rest for a time.

  5. Getting trailers back for repairs is probably something Jayco does all the time and it helps if all issues are listed. Too bad you are not there to inspect it all when they are done. Hope it all works out good and you'll be happy campers again!

  6. That's a big list. Hope all goes well and that it's fixed properly with no other issues. Good luck.

  7. I know you are happy to have this job all done. I sure hope they tackle and get all the problems fixed. Rest up

  8. Too bad you can't return it under lemon law and just get a new's gonna cost them a fortune to repair what's needed. Hopefully it's back to you sooner than later.

  9. We have a few of those issues with ours. Bolt, closet door & slides. No warranty on ours so I'll fix it all myself.