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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Scam Information, Got Our Gazebo, Pleasant Shared Meal and Shocked By An Earthquake.

Our Location today is at Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

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I managed to get up and start reading on the Computer before the outside door closed this morning at 8:30. Seeing that Kathy was still sleeping and having nothing really planned I didn’t try to wake her. The next sound that I heard was a Gasp when she looked at the clock. She would later tell me she had looked at me a couple times at the Computer and figure she was safe so she would just close her eyes again until she saw the clock.

We had wanted to check into some of the research that we had done yesterday so we didn’t wait too long to head out. Unfortunately, if you are going to talk business with someone your stomach shouldn’t be making noises louder then you are speaking. We stopped at the Dairy Queen for a lite lunch since it was way past breakfast. We opted for their $6.00 Chicken Wrap Combo which included a Drink, Fries and a small Sundae. All that combined left us satisfied but not stuffed. 
Trains causing traffic delays all day,.
When we went to the Business that we had researched yesterday the receptionist listened carefully but could not confirm what we were talking about. Checking with her Manager she came back telling us this was some sort of Scam and that it was being reported to the Company Fraud Department as we spoke. Don’t believe everything you read On-line 
The storage yard.
I had left my Cell Phone back at Karen’s so after retrieving it we continued on to Guardian Storage. After picking up our Mail we went to the Storage Unit that contained things from the Trailer. I was there to get our Compressor so Greg could use it this weekend. When we rolled up the door we could see one stack of Small Boxes that was on Medium Boxes was starting to lean. We spent a few extra minutes but now we know we won’t come back to a disaster. 

We had a couple of hours before picking Tyler up so we headed over to JYSK on Howard Avenue by the Devonshire Mall. Last fall before we headed south they had the type of Gazebos we wanted for our site “On Sale but we didn’t have the time to install it. When we looked today their selection was far from the same so Kathy suggested we go elsewhere. 

We went to Canadian Tire and looked at the different ones on display. They were far from the reduced prices of last fall but they weren’t full price either. We made our selection and planned to go back for it later this evening with the Truck but we’ll do it in the morning and deliver it out to our site at Wildwood Golf and RV Park before picking up Tyler. 

With still some time on our hands we walked around Bulk Barn where Kathy was in search of Fruit Cake. They have always carried it year-round and we both enjoy having a piece now and again. Would you believe they are now only going to carry it for Christmas. 
Each time Kathy tried taking Pictures of Birds they would turn their backs.
We only had a short wait for Tyler at his Co-op School Shop. While he took his shower I off loaded the Compressor. We also changed to lighter jackets because the outside temperature hit 45 F (7 C) this afternoon. That’s a first since our return. Traffic was really backed up on all the streets but we got him to his After School Part-Time Job with minutes to spare. 
The Birds wanted to stay Anonymous.
We worked together making a Salad and Fried Potatoes to go with the Seasoned Porkchops that we shared with Karen and Greg. It was an enjoyable visit with just adults. 
Kathy liked these tall grasses.
We were busy at our Computers around 8:01 this evening when there was a loud noise that slightly shook the house and lasted for about Twenty Seconds. Karen was the first to ask “What was that?” It only took minutes for Reports to start showing up On-Line that a 3.6 Magnitude Earthquake had just happed about 5 Miles from Amherstburg at a depth of 3 Miles. Our area does not experience that many tremors let alone Earthquakes since Weather Records have been recorded. No Damage was reported.

We’ll be busy tomorrow getting things done that we didn’t do today. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I thought all the earthquakes were in California. Glad all is okay!! Those scammers make me mad. Sometimes they can make it look so real we can't tell the difference.

  2. We've had the odd minor tremor around here, and it usually feels like a big truck had just rumbled by. The only time we ever experienced anything more than that was when we lived in Puerto Rico. Things started swaying just a bit, and I thought maybe I was having some sort of "episode", as in a dizzy spell. I don't get dizzy spells, but figured there could always be a first time. Turns out it was an earthquake. Very surreal experience.