It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

Thank You for Following our Blog.

Thank You for following this Blog

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tired Progress.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After being up late again last night we both managed to sleep-in this morning. I managed to get up by 6:30 and again had my computer reading finished before Kathy got up. At 8:00 we were watching the Weather Channel to see that the sun wasn’t sharing any warmth with our region today even though it appeared bright. 

As mentioned for the last few days we started sorting through the clothes we want to bring with us when we leave for Florida in 18 days. It seems that Kathy might be coming down with a bug and she needed to lay back down for a quick rest this afternoon. It could also be her body telling her that she can’t handle getting as little sleep as I do. 

We’ve made plans to take the clothes and other items we’ll be bringing with us to the trailer tomorrow and we managed to watch another Christmas special on television tonight. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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