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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lights Out

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

I must have been thinking in my sleep because even with the exercise and fresh air we’d gotten yesterday I kept waking. When that happens I always seem tired when I wake up in the morning. We were both up before 8:30this morning knowing we had to have our breakfast made before 9:00 or we’d be eating out.
A notice was posted last week that the electrical power to the building was being shut down at 9:00 this morning for an upgrade to the service. This would last for approximately six hours and would include the power to the elevators.
Just as Kathy and I finished drinking our coffees the lights went out. Fortunately the weather was cool and sunny so that meant we didn’t need to go someplace for AC like in the summer months and we still had plenty of sunlight coming in to see what we needed. So one of the first things we did was to finish wrapping the Christmas gifts we had purchased the other day. Kathy knowing that there is only 89 days left before the big day decided we could continue looking this afternoon.
After lunch we went to pick some shirts up we’d ordered at a Nantais Sportswear Shop.
Then we stopped in at Walmart to see if we might have missed something when looking the other day. Not only did we miss something the other day but there were associates everywhere putting new items on the shelves. Trying not to miss anything we walked aisle after aisle until we started feeling tired and hungry. The reason for feeling that way was because we had been shopping for over three hours. We did manage to make another dent in our Christmas list.
We made a quick stop at the trailer to drop off containers we’d emptied the other day. I also took some RV cleaning supplies out of the basement to prevent them from freezing if the temperatures were to dip that low.
Back at the apartment building the power was still out so that meant hauling all our treasures up the stairs. No sooner did we walk in to our apartment and put everything down and the electric power came back on. By the time I went and parked the truck Kathy was serving our supper.
Most of you are thinking that’s impossible. Think back to yesterday’s post where I wrote that Kathy had spent the day cooking meals ahead. Today we ate all our meals at home even without power for most of the day.
After supper we headed out to Amherstburg to have our Wednesday night visit with our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa. We had delayed our visit by a day thinking we’d be stopping in earlier because of our power outage today. We had our usual joyous visit but were shocked at how early it is getting dark these days.
It was after 9:00 by the time we got home and now it’s about time to get caught up on the computer work for the day and the parking lot lights are still not on.
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It’s about time.


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  1. Another busy shopping day for you guys, soon you will be done.