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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Slept Like A Rock, A Call From My Aunt and Mothers Day Wish.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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When we went to bed last night I didn’t have to set the Alarm so it was a certainty that I would sleep like a rock. I only woke one time to see that Kathy was hugging the bedding. We both slept until after 8:30 this morning but after having a Muffin for breakfast we were sitting at the Computers by 9:00.
Looking outside there wasn’t a Cloud in the sky but according to The Weather Network the temperature was sitting at the Freezing Mark but with the North Winds it was feeling much cooler.
When lunch rolled around we worked together modifying a Caesars Salad by adding Leftover Tomatoes, Leftover Ham and Shredded Cheese. Then we put our dessert plate together with an Orange, Yogurt Cup and Two different kinds of Cookies.

The Wind seemed to pick up slightly to the point that it was rattling the Balcony Door that Kathy had slightly ajar. Before long we needed to close the door because even though the temperature had reached 50 F (10 C) it didn’t feel like it as a matter of fact people walking on the Trail below were wearing Coats and Gloves.
Last night Kathy made us Beef Tacos for supper tonight she made Chicken Tacos. Again that was all we needed probably due to today’s lack of activity.

We had just finished watching the 6 o’clock Local News when my aunt Anna called. She finally just got her new phone after moving to a new Retirement Home in the middle of this Pandemic. Luckily the Home she was living in and the one she moved to didn’t have any cases of the Virus but she still had to go through a Fourteen Day Quarantine.

I then had a chance to call my cousin Jackie and get more information about the new Retirement Home that her mom had been moved to. We’ll hopefully get a chance to visit in the next month.

Kathy and I would like to wish all our Female Readers a very Happy Mothers Day. Even though for many this will be a different way of celebrating this day with today’s technology we hope you can spend time visiting with your Children and their Families.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Food sure looks good. I see your having some cool weather? We got up to almost 80 degrees today. Got a lot of the lawn mowed only three acre's to go. Stay warm happy mother's day Kathy.
    Wayne and Sue

  2. Your meals always look tasty and make me hungry :-(
    Glad your Aunt Anna is safe at her new Retirement Home and that you will soon be able to visit her.

    Happy Mother's Day to Kathy and to all your other female readers who are Mom's.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! hoping you will enjoy your day!

  4. Happy Mothers Day Kathy. And thank you for your wishes

  5. No matter what time I fall asleep I wake by 6:30. Len needs his first meds for the day at that time. He goes back to sleep and I get my coffee and 1/2 bagel. It's my alone time of the day.

    Happy Mothers Day Kathy.

  6. Break through!!!! I can comment on my desktop today but not the laptop nor the iPad. I use the latter two to sit and reply to your and other blog comment while I am in the recliner resting my knee. No idea why somedays I can comment on all my devices.

    Most important of all is to with Kathy a very Happy Mother's Day. I hope that it was extra special just a you are.