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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One More Appointment, Errands and Surprising Visits.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Even though we were in bed shortly after the 11 o’clock Local News last night we managed to sleep late this morning. Probably as a result of all the Errands, Appointments and the Stress over our upcoming Trailer Repairs. We both woke once through the night but neither of us heard the rain that covered everything outside this morning. 
Slightly cloudy skies this morning.

The advantage of today’s appointment was it was after lunch so with our sleeping later it didn’t really matter. We had our breakfast at the table and drank our Coffees at the Computers but we had to head out the door minutes after 11:00 so our reading was limited. With the near summer like temperatures expected for today we had no problem dressing for the warmth.

Heading in the direction of Tecumseh the first thing we needed to do was to stop at the Pioneer gas station to gas up the car. Even though the prices had gone up due to the Hurricanes temporarily shutting down the Oil Refineries the price was under a $1.20 a liter.

Continuing up Manning Road the construction at the intersection of the Expressway is continuing but with the paving taking place today only One-Way traffic was allowed. It was nearly noon when we stopped at Dairy Queen to have our lunch. Where else can you buy a Grilled Chicken Wrap with Fries, a Soda and an Ice Cream Sundae dessert all for $6.00. We took our time eating and freshened up before leaving.

Kathy’s appointment was for 1:00 at the Family Footcare in Tecumseh but we made certain to get there before to deal with the customary paperwork. Terry the Pediatrist took Kathy in at 1:00 and was able to take care of the problem that Mary from Healthy Heals had not been able to do. She also issued a Prescription that will hopefully help prevent any Bacterial Growth which is something more common with people suffering from Diabetes. When we walked out twenty minutes later Kathy’s feet were feeling much better.

Having a few more errands to run our next stop was the Zehrs grocery store on Manning Road. We were able to get more things we had forgotten to add to our previous shopping lists. 

We stopped to check out the Terry Fox Run Used Book Store that we had never seen before. Canadian readers will recognize the name of a young Canadian Athlete that was diagnosed with Cancer and the only thing the doctors could do to save his life was to Amputate his leg. After recovering from surgery Terry Fox was fitted with a Prostatic Leg. Grateful for being given a second chance at life Terry thought he could bring Cancer Awareness to the forefront in everyone’s lives. The way he set out to do this was he planned to run from the West Coast of Canada to the East Coast raising money for Cancer Research along the way. Terry was over halfway across the country when he became severely ill. Rushed to a hospital they found the Cancer had come back with a vengeance and soon claimed Terry’s life but not his spirit. Canadians were so inspired that every year since the Terry Fox Run is celebrated in September and all monies raised goes to Cancer Research here in Canada.

While we were there we saw Dave, who used to work in the same plant that I did until it was closed. He volunteers at the Bookstore that is only open for business three days per year. The Building and Utilities are all donated as are all the volunteers time. All monies raised from this are also donated to the Terry Fox Run Cancer Research.

The store wasn’t open today but we had a good talk. Dave and his wife are Snowbirding RVers and have been heading to Arizona for the last few years so there’s a good chance he’ll be knocking on our door somewhere around Quartzsite this winter. 

We made a stop at the Tecumseh Dollarama looking for some special way of wrapping those Birthday Gifts we purchased the other day. We were surprised that they had relocated into a much larger and more convenient location. That gave us a chance to do a bit more walking which was something we both needed. 

Heading back to McGregor we had to detour around the Shopping Plaza in order to go around the Construction on Manning Road. We didn’t spend much time at the trailer except to put the few groceries we had away. 
Our little visitor.
As we were heading back out we enjoyed watching a rabbit eating the Clover from our grass. They are starting to get so used to us they don’t even run off.

Our first stop in Amherstburg was Pharma Care to fill the Prescription issued today. While waiting we noticed some chocolate bars with different names. Like what Coke-a-Cola did by putting people’s names on their containers this had things like GRUMPY, IRRITABLE and five others as a joke. We bought a couple to give as gifts. 
Clouds thickening over the Detroit River.
Still dodging Amherstburg construction we stopped at Walmart where we got a couple of cases of Bottled Water, a gallon of Distilled Water for our CPAP Machines, some Febreze Antibacterial Spray and a small Fruit Tray for an evening snack.

It was now past 5:00 so we headed to the local McDonalds where we each had one of their Sweet Chili Signature Wraps for supper. 
These are supposed to be the last of Hurricane Irma.
It was after 5:30 when we arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s for our weekly visit. Melissa had some sliced Banana Cake set out as a snack so combined with the Fruit Tray we’d brought it was like a small feast. They also had a big laugh at the names on the Chocolate Bars we gave them. We had our usual enjoyable visit and we found out that our kids are now RV Owners. Kathy was happy to volunteer my services whenever Kevin needs to do any repairs or modifications to their Travel Trailer.

With the Sun setting so early we drove back Home in the dark. With Rain forecasted in the morning we’ll get some phone calls made. With the next Five days looking beautiful I’ll be getting a bunch of things accomplished outside. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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