It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lots Of Errands, 108 Times, Quick Visit and Cooler Temperatures.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Talk about time flying by when I opened my eyes and looked at the clock this morning the time was 6:48 but my eyes blinked and the numbers jumped to 8:17. That clock just jumped ahead and it wouldn’t back up so I could get an early start to my day. By the time I had the Window Shades raised and Breakfast ready Kathy was already coming down the stairs.

Looking outside we could see Golfers heading up the back nine just wearing Shorts and Shirts enjoying the bright sunlight. Once our breakfast was finished we brought our Coffees over to finish at the Computers. We are keeping an eye on the second largest Hurricane of the season Irma that seems to be headed towards Florida. We know plenty of RV Friends we met through the years whom consider Florida as their Home State. We can only keep them in our prayers that they will be able to find someplace safe to weather out the storm and are not too badly affected by it. 

After we finished our second cup of Coffee I completed my morning chores before getting cleaned up and shaved. Kathy was already sitting at the table waiting for me to head out the door when I got done. 

Stepping outside the sky had filled with Clouds and the breeze had a chill to it. Our first destination was the Pharma Choice drugstore in Amherstburg. We have dental appointments tomorrow but because of Kathy’s Diabetes she has to take a special Antibiotic Tablet an hour before the procedure to avoid any complications. I also had the chance to verify how long before our southern departure I should be calling in for our six-month supply of Medications

Leaving there we headed up the road to Soup & Salads that we had mentioned before. Today we both ordered a bowl of Soup but since their Wraps are so large we only ordered one and shared it. By the time we finished eating we were both well satisfied. 
The Detroit River.
Now we had a chance to relax as we took the Front Road drive through the town of LaSalle all the way to Windsor
Our first stop was JYSK where Kathy was looking for a different type of organizing bins for our front closet.  We struck out on the bins but found something that was marked down for the end of the season that we might be interested in. 

We then drove over to Home Depot where I planned to pick up a few things needed to set up our Macerator that we’ll be using when we head south this winter. They unfortunately only had the pipe fittings but no Clear Hose

We also stopped at the nearby Dollarama only to find that all Gardening Supplies had been removed from their shelves as of this past Monday. Kathy also looked unsuccessfully for the Organizers that she was looking for.

A quick stop at Guardian Storage only produced and empty Mailbox.

We then traveled back to the Canadian Blood Services located in the Red Cross Building. We arrived early and had a chance to relax from all our running around. The Blood Donor Clinic doesn’t open until 3:00 in the afternoon on Tuesdays but they start registering the arrivals about ten minutes earlier.  When they rescheduled my next appointment for Halloween Day I mentioned that was the day before we head south. The registrar started asking questions and finally said “I wish I could do that.” Our answer was that she could if she started planning for it now. After Donating for my 108th time and having a Juice and Cookies we were soon on our way.

We stopped at Princess Auto where I managed to get the Clear Hose and Stainless Steal Clamps that I needed to complete our Macerator project.

We headed up towards Tecumseh Road and checked the Dollarama there for our wants with the same results. 

Driving over to Walmart we managed to find Organizers that will help Kathy get the closet the way she wants. 

Since it was already 5:00 we stopped at Taco Bell where we had our supper. We were again satisfied but not stuffed. 

It had been ten days since we last saw our daughter Karen so we drove to her house in Tecumseh. Strangely everyone was home today so we had a chance for a quick visit. Karen even had a chance to show Kathy how to better organize her Facebook Account. It was during that time there was a brief Rain Shower while we visited. 

When we left we headed to the nearby Shoppers Drug Mart where I picked up additional Vitamins that we’ll be taking with us when we head to the Southwest. We prefer buying brands that we are familiar with. We also watch to buy them while they are On Sale. That helps keep our costs down and having checked their cost when we were in the U.S. this is the best way for us to do it. 

Lastly Kathy had purchased certain vegetables this past weekend to go with Beef but when she checked the freezer there was only Chicken. A quick stop at Zehrs grocery store soon remedied that problem. By the time we came back outside the Clouds were really starting to look threatening. 

It was nearly 8:00 when we arrived Home in McGregor and it was starting to feel cold outside. there were small puddles inside the Park but not enough to register on our Rain Gauge. As soon as all our purchases were inside we scrambled to close the windows. With the temperature dropping below 50 F (10 C) tonight I know we’ll be keeping our Bedcover on. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. You are a blood producing MACHINE!! Good for you!!

  2. 108 - WOW!! They don't want my blood because they figure I need it.

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