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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cataract Eye Appointment and Jayco Is Getting Ridiculous.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Even though we didn’t like the idea we had to set the alarm last night to make certain we were awake by 8:00 this morning. We only turned one computer on as we ate our breakfast so we could check out the local weather forecast before heading out. We even got dressed while our Coffees were cooling slightly on the dining table. 
Heading up Walker Road towards Windsor.
It was only 9:15 when we were driving out of the Park headed for Windsor. Even though our appointments were for 10:00 we needed to be there at least Fifteen Minutes ahead of time. Both Kathy and I have been having issues with Cataracts which has cause some challenging moments for the both of us. Last year I had a severe episode and after consulting with our Optometrist he sent me to another specialist who didn’t do anything for me but give me a Doom & Gloom outlook because I have had Lasik Eye Surgery almost Twenty Years ago. When we went for our yearly eye exams this spring our Optometrist booked us both for a consult.

Today’s visit was with Dr. Tayfour who basically wrote the book on Laser Eye Surgery and is world known. He was so skilled at his trade that he actually performed Lasik Eye Surgery on Fidel Castro many years ago. It was past 11:30 by the time we left his office having completed the necessary exams and tests. He was very reassuring that there would be no problems for either of our surgeries.

The only problem we had was from the Dilation of our eyes. With the sun shining brightly outside our Sunglasses and Hats were not enough to allow us to leave the building. We were lucky to find that there was a small Lunch Bar inside the building. We both ordered toasted Egg Sandwiches, Hot Chocolates and a Homemade Pecan Tart. Everything was delicious and it gave our eyes time to clear a bit. It seems as the years pass it takes longer for the effects to wear off. 
Clouds are slowly intensifying.
Once my eyes had cleared enough to safely drive I cautiously drove over to Guardian Storage. We were once again disappointed that an important document we are waiting for was not in our Mailbox. We then drove back to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit where we shopped for somethings we had stored.

Our next stop was Princess Auto where I spent time looking for replacement Relays. Manufactures have changed the style of these simple devices just so they could increase their cost. When I balked at not needing the excess wiring that came with the new designs I was directed over to the Surplus Area of the store where I found them. Last winter while in Deming, New Mexico it cost Fifteen Dollars each for these Relays. Today it only cost me Four Dollars each so I purchased a few more as spares. 
Clouds starting to fill the sky.
We managed to get Home by 2:00 but the ride had Kathy feeling sick to her stomach because her eyes were not yet back to normal. Even my own were still not back to normal but at least I managed a few chores inside.

Stephanie from Leisure Trailer had called with her latest information from Jayco. What they are saying is we have to totally empty any personal items out so they can work on it for Liability Purposes. Let’s just say I was on the phone with Jayco for nearly an hour getting them to figure out what they are saying.
Chicken covered Caesar Salad and a piece of Black Forest Cake.
Kathy made us a Caesar Salad topped with Chicken for supper and we added to our carbs by having a small piece of Black Forest Cake for dessert.

We have more appointments tomorrow and according to the Local Weather Guessers we can expect a bit of moisture from the last of Irma. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I don't get these RV manufacturers. They make the RVs for fulltimers but they don't make it easy when you have a repair. We had our cracked frame fixed at a Campingworld that had a RV park attached to it. If you were having a repair done you could stay for free. Campingworld needed 3 days for the repair and said they could give it back to us every night. We decided to just let them keep it and we went and visited family. I can't believe they are making a huge project out of it. Goodluck

  2. It sounds like a nightmare, having to empty your personal things, your life in other words. Oh my, I do wish you good luck while they sort it out.

  3. I know what you went through with your eyes.
    Nancy had the cataract eye surgery this past spring. Its a nightmare when you have to have work done on a recreational vechicle.

  4. My Ex just had cataract surgery and it was a breeze, of course he was nervous, but now that the first one is done, he's looking forward to having the second one done and over with. Clearing out all your personal belongings!? Don't they trust their workers? Good Grief! I'd never agree to that - where in the world would I put everything? That's just not reasonable on their part. Good luck with everything! :)

  5. Good Luck with your eye surgeries. I think everyone in the Detroit area is also familiar with Dr. Tayfour's name. I'm actually surprised he's still practicing, but you should be in good hands! I'm afraid Tom is going to be in the same boat someday - he also had lasik about 17 years ago. Good Luck with Jayco - I'm really surprised with what they are telling you. We have always had much better luck with the RV Manufacturers that we've dealt with - we'd much rather go to them over a dealer for service!

  6. Sounds like Jayco will not be on my list for any RV's in the future.

  7. Good to hear your eye appointments were promising, hope everything goes well!

  8. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming... Visit us