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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Where’s All This Water Coming From?

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Seeing the devastation that is happening in Texas from all the Rain and Flooding from Hurricane Harvey makes us grateful to live in an area we don’t have anything that bad to deal with. We can only Pray for all those that have been affected by it and hope things improve sooner then what is being forecasted. 
This is the Fairway at the end of our street.
As mentioned in last night’s Blog we managed to get over Six Inches of Rain from before lunch until 10:00 last evening. I emptied the Rain Gauge before coming back inside for the night. We hadn’t even gone to bed when the Rain started again. Normally Kathy sleeps like a rock when she hears rain on our roof. Last night it was another Hard Rain which kept her awake most of the night. I’m the one that slept like a rock even sleeping late this morning. 
Checking out the new pond.
As soon as I opened the Window Shades in the living area of the trailer I could see how much rain we had. The Sun was hiding behind the clouds but it was light enough to see the Water Hazard on the Golf Course was up to the front of our site. 
The end of our street the water is across the road
and the flooded Fairway is past the trees.
As soon as we’d finished breakfast I checked our Rain Gauge to find another Two Inches of Rain in it. Wading down the street to the corner I could see most of the Golf Course was under water. 
Looking past our site further away from the Fairway.
After telling Kathy of my findings we intended to ride our Tandem Bicycle around the Park. When I lifted our Water Proof Bike Cover I found out that with all the rain we had it’s not Water Proof and our seats were soaked. 
Looking up the road towards the next Fairway.
Since Kathy also wanted to go to the Park Library to exchange some books so we took the car. Driving slowly to avoid causing a wake we were in awe to find most of the Water Hazards were covering the majority of the Fairways. The neighbouring farmer’s fields were now part of the Water Hazards. After driving the car around the outer roads of the Trailer Park and seeing the majority of the Golf Course flooded was quite the shock. 
This Blue Heron taking advantage of being alone on the Links.
We finally stopped in at the Park Library where Kathy was able to exchange five books. Since we weren’t going to be riding the bike around for exercise we still went to the Park Exercise Room. I had to correct Kathy’s stance on the Lateral Bar but she is slowly getting the hang of it. 

Back Home Kathy made a wonderful Chicken covered Salad with Clementines. It was all tasty and healthy even the Chocolate Pudding we had for dessert. We needed something with Milk in it. 
This is a Ten Foot Deep Drainage Ditch.
We needed to pick up a few more groceries so we needed to go to Amherstburg. We didn’t wait long after finishing our lunch to head out the door.  As we were leaving the Park the Ten Foot Drainage Ditch that runs along the road was only inches away from spilling its banks. 
Both ends of this bridge are under water.
Our first destination was to our son Kevin’s Home to see if his basement was dry or if he needed help. As we got further from the Park there were less signs of any Rain having fallen. When we finally talked to Kevin he just said everything was fine and they’d hardly gotten any Rain
Someone taking advantage of the high water.
Our next stop was Dollarama where we picked up a few supplies that we use often at a lower price. 
There's two Fairways under this water.
Stopping at Sobey’s grocery store where we managed to get everything else that was on the list. 
That sign is located on the bank of the Water Hazard.
Back Home we managed to get everything inside just before it started to Rain again. It only lasted for another hour and a half but enough is enough. When I went outside to grill a couple of Chicken Kabobs on the Weber Q I checked our Rain Gauge only to find another Two Inches of Rain had fallen since this morning. That added up to Ten Inches of Rain in a Thirty Hour period. 
Rain headed for Windsor.
Note Full Drainage Ditch along the side of the road.
Watching the Local 6 o’clock News they were showing scenes of localized Flooding across the city of Windsor. Their Weather Guesser said we had received three months worth of rain in less then a day and there was still a chance of a Thunderstorm for tonight. By Sunday we should get the remainder of Hurricane Harvey to add to our Rainfall. Maybe I shouldn’t have cut the grass on Sunday. 
More late afternoon rain.
Again I am not trying to downplay the severity what is happening in Texas by what is happening to our area. It just makes you ask “Where is all this water coming from?” It also makes you wonder “Why can’t some of this Rain fall in the areas suffering from Drought and Forest Fires?” 
Nice Sunset.
Mother Nature has got to learn to balance things out better. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. The devastation in Texas in unbelievable, people are so brave in times like that. We feel for the people in Windsor also and hope you manage to stay dry.

  2. Yikes! That's a LOT of rain. Hope it doesn't get any worse for you! When I heard the storm would hang out over Houston for four or five days, I couldn't believe it. It's just NOT moving on and wreaking terrible havoc. I just can't imagine going through something like that.

  3. We feel for the people in Windsor also and hope you manage to stay dry.

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  4. I was thinking the same as you, send that rain to BC because we sure need it. In Kelowna we have not seen rain or temps below mid 30s since the beginning of June.

  5. Maybe mother nature has a plan we are not privy too:(

  6. You have not mentioned any leaks in your trailer so at least you have that going for you!

  7. Tom and I were just talking about the same thing. It is crazy all the rain some parts of the country are getting and at the same time fires are destroying other parts.
    It is so sad to see the pictures of Texas and the destruction.
    Hope the rain stops in your area before you are parked in a lake.

  8. I really like your post good blog on site,Thanks for your sharing.