It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Recovering From The News, Getting Our Belongings Back, Enjoyable Visit and Sudden Change In Health.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

After recovering from the news that there is a structural issue with our One Year Old Home we still managed to get a decent night’s sleep. There just something about sleeping in your own bed that calms you down so you can fall into a deeper sleep. The only problem with that deeper sleep is it normally happens in the morning after the time you wanted to get up. 

It was past 8:30 when I suddenly woke and knew that I had to get moving in order to accomplish what I needed before we left for our Morning Appointment. As soon as I started opening the Window Shades Kathy came downstairs to join me for breakfast. As soon as we’d eaten I dressed for working including my Safety Shoes while Kathy got things inside ready to go.

My task was to make space in the truck so we could haul things Home today. I finally got the tools that I had used to repair our friend Kathie’s dresser while we were staying in the Stonecroft Hotel back in the basement and out of the Backseat. I then unlocked and removed our Fifth Wheel Hitch out of the Bed of the truck along with our Honda Generator and other necessities we’ve been carrying. I simply used our long Cable Lock to secure everything to the Landing Gear for safe keeping. When that was done I was back inside to change into casual clothes and Sandals but we also opened all the windows and shut the Air-Conditioner off  to take advantage of the comfortable temperatures.

We managed to arrive early at Fantastic Sam’s for our 11:00 appointment where we had the chance to relax before getting our hair trimmed. Jenna is one of our biggest fans and is always wanting to hear what we’ve been up to. She was shocked to hear about the extended hotel stay and mortified to think we were having so many problems with our New Trailer. She is hoping to be able to someday follow in our RVing Footsteps and get to seeing some of the places we’ve described to her.

Since it was nearly noon we went next door to the Home Style Grill to have lunch. This is a Mom and Pop eatery that looks like it is more for this couple to have something to do than to make enough money from the business to feed a growing family. We tried something different then the last time and really enjoyed the taste and again it was very reasonably priced. 

We finally drove over to Guardian Storage to collect our mail. The letter we had waited for last week finally arrived which meant our next stop was to Motor City Credit Union to go do some banking.

It was nearly 1:30 by the time we arrived at our daughter Karen’s house in Tecumseh. She had given us the use of a corner in their garage to store things while our RV was in for repair at Leisure Trailers. Using the Garage Door Code, we let ourselves in to collect our belongings. It took nearly Forty-Five Minutes to get everything loaded in such a way that it was protected from the forecasted Rain Showers.

As soon as we got Home I started unloading the Nine Boxes, Four Pieces of Luggage and the Bag filled with our Christmas Decorations while Kathy manned the door in order to keep the flies from taking over our Home. We both needed a Gatorade to recover from the exertion before we could start putting things away. We started by getting things in the Kitchen and Pantry put away. Surviving with only Two Teaspoons, Two Forks, One Butter-Knife and One Steak-Knife was just not doing it for us.

Now it was time for me to reinstall the Fifth Wheel Hitch, load the Honda Generator along with all our other Necessities before removing the Towing Brush from the back of the truck. Kathy had been busy hanging her clothes back in the closet. The rest can wait until tomorrow we were just too tired and hungry to continue. 

It was 5:00 by the time we arrived at McDonalds in Amherstburg where we both tried one of their new sandwiches.

It was just after 5:30 when we arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house for our weekly visit. They were enjoying having the Air-Conditioner turned off and the Windows open due to the mild temperatures we got today. We were having such a good visit it was nearly 8:00 before we got ready to head for Home.

We were just getting out of the car when our friendly neighbours Maynard and Marva were walking by. They asked how we were doing and were just as upset about our problems as we were. When I noted that Maynard was walking with a cane he admitted to being in the Hospital three times in the last two weeks. He had a fall but was able to get up and so he didn’t think much about it. Hours later he developed severe pain in his hip. When the Hospital finally did a CAT Scan they found a very large Blood Clot had developed in the Hip. “Getting Old Sucks!”

When we got inside we both agreed that we are glad we didn’t wait any longer to start the Fulltiming Lifestyle and enjoying the freedom that it gives us. Too many people wait too long and lose out because of health issues. 
A Cold Front makes for nice pictures.
We’ll enjoy sleeping with the windows open tonight and tomorrow we’ll try to get more information about the Structural Repair that needs to be done on our RV. We’ll also be getting everything put away so we can start enjoying our Home. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Pictures taken by Kathy.

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Mark Twain, American Writer


  1. I'm always thankful for my good health!!!

  2. Quality control on RVs is non existent. So sad and frustrating.

  3. With that upheaval in your lives for the last couple of weeks and the additional work involved to put everything back where it belongs, you must be looking forward to some quiet time and home cooked meals. The structural damage might be a concern to you. Would your rig be going back to the factory in the States? You’d want to be close by for the repairs and if that was the case even consider taking it yourself down there to avoid further damage. We sure wish you success to get that issue resolved. Let us know in your posts what is going to happen. All the best ☺

  4. Above all, good health is the most importsnt of all!