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Monday, August 28, 2017

Little Sleep, Being Kept Informed, An Old E-mail and Lots Of Rain.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Normally on a day that I exercise I have no problem sleeping. That was not the case last night. My mind would not shut down thinking about what will be needed to repair our trailer. I still managed to be up by 8:30 this morning and still got Five hours of sleep. Kathy was having sinus problems at the same time that I finally got out of bed which means that she hardly slept until I was once again laying next to her.

Sitting at the Computers having our Coffees I hadn’t finished reading my E-mails when Stephanie from Leisure Trailer was calling. She has been in contact with Jayco and is trying to set up a date for the Structural Repairs that will be needed. She wanted us to know that she was not sitting idle on this issue and we appreciate that. After she’d hung up we discussed other concerns in regards to the repairs and wrote them down so they could be typed out and sent to Stephanie.

Kathy had received an E-mail yesterday from our friends Gerry and Sandy about getting together for a visit on Saturday. After not getting an answer to her response she had me call to verify the appointment. Neither Gerry or Sandy remembered sending the first message. When Kathy brought it back up it was dated for last October. We’ll still be getting together on Saturday because we’ve been so busy we’ve missed visiting with them. 
This was the Rain before lunch. It got worse around dinner time.
Not as bad as Texas but bad for us.
While I had been talking with Gerry the Rain started coming down so my chances of Stressing the front of the trailer were dashed for today. Lunch was Chicken Noodle Soup, a Chicken Sandwich and an Orange that we shared. We also had a Muffin for dessert. With all the Rain we got caught up on all our Computer Reading and we also got the List of Concerns typed and E-mailed to Stephanie. 

The Weather Guessers on the Local 6 o’clock News said we could expect some Rain throughout most of the night. We’d been hearing that for sometime but not getting a drop. For supper we had Bacon, Eggs and Toast.

We had just sat back at the Computers when a Lightning Strike nearby had the both of us jump right out of our chairs. The Rain got so intense we had to nearly holler at one another to be heard. Finally around 10:00 this evening the Rain stopped so I went outside to check our Rain Gauge. It had been overflowing and even Kathy’s Fairy Garden was overflowing. That means we got over Six Inches of Rain which is way above the norm for this area.

The sound of distant Thunder is getting closer so we’ll probably be getting more Rain tonight. Hopefully we’ll both get a decent night’s sleep tonight and some answers to our concerns from Stephanie tomorrow, if not we have time. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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