It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Saying Good Bye, Off The Grid and Making Adjustments.

Our Location today is Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

Recovering from the high intake of Caffeine with our meal the other day we finally managed to have a fairly decent night’s sleep. We were both up shortly after 7:30 MST this morning even without the sound of an alarm to do so. Both those things combined seemed strange to us because today was a travel day and normally we can’t sleep. As we had breakfast we discussed that it was probably because we’d convinced ourselves that it would be only a short trip so we could sleep. We got the inside of the trailer packed up we were ready by 9:00. 
A cloud covered Sun Rise
Closing up the outside of the trailer didn’t require that much doing either except for everyone coming around to say Good Bye. Sometimes that’s how you learn more of people that you never knew before. Old Bob is looking forward to seeing us again next year when we come back to this area. Our neighbour Pam who we’ve been giving some advice about RVing to will miss us but we invited her out to visit with us. 
Bringing our Home into La Posa South LTVA.
We were officially on the road leaving Quail Run RV Park by 10:35 and were parking in the La Posa South LTVA parking lot getting registered by 10:45. Since this is our first time being “Off the Grid” like this and we had a number of questions we wanted to ask, such as getting a Seasonal Sticker, what areas were covered under it, what the restrictions are and how some people had set up barriers to keep others away. All our questions were answered and after they attached our permits to the truck and trailer we were soon on our way to our New Adventure by 11:10 MST. 
Checking to be certain there are no hazards.
This past Sunday afternoon, we had driven around all the LTVAs and BLMs in the area and had scouted what we felt would be a place that would work for us. We had also payed particular attention to the direction we would have to travel in order to get our trailer Safely where we wanted without getting hung up in a wash. 
Home is where you park it.
We noted that the spot our friends George and Suzie from Our AwesomeTravels had been using had been taken by someone else. We had traveled just slightly further along that lane and found what we thought would be a perfect spot for us. Plenty of space between us and our nearest neighbour, with a wash to the rear of the trailer and with numerous Firepits already built in the area. When we arrived this morning, the spot we had found was still available and according to the rules it was ours. 
Getting Settled In.
Wanting to get the most out of our Solar Panels we nosed the trailer to the East giving ourselves room but close enough to have access to a Firepit. It took little time to get leveled, unhitched and set up because there were no Utilities to worry about. The heat from the sun felt amazing but Kathy headed inside to start setting up the kitchen and I went up on to the roof. First thing I did was to install our Whirly Gig so we could spot our trailer easier from a distance, then I started tilting the Solar Panels. As soon as the first panel was tilted, the Sun disappeared behind a thick bank of clouds. By the time all the Solar Panels were tilted I was frozen and I also noted our Whirly Gig kept getting tangled around the mast and not spinning. 
Kathy had just finished making Roast Beef Sandwiches for lunch along with a piece of Chocolate Cream Pie that she’d also made yesterday for dessert. It felt good to relax and enjoy the freedom we were experiencing. We discussed the need to get a few things in town so by 1:30 we were on our way towards Quartzsite. 
Cute Hood Ornament.
We looked around the Vendors Area where I picked up new stakes for our mat. The ones we presently have would never penetrate the stone base we are parked on. We also decided to pick up a Wind Sock to replace the Whirly Gig with so that we could better see it. 
Sun Struggling to peek through the clouds.
We headed from there to Family Dollar to pick up a few Groceries that we needed but there were already long lineups of people at the Checkouts. One of the local residents told me “We don’t have this problem in the Summer.” 

We plan on having some Campfires while at our present locations so we stopped at one spot where D.J. was selling different kinds of wood. With his name being the same as our grandson we took some time to talk with this young man who seemed to need attention. Because of that he started adding more wood to our purchase at no charge. 
We see more of the Sun when it is setting than during the day.
It was already after 4:00 when we added fuel to the truck and decided just to grab a quick bite at the Main Street Eatery. We watched not to have too much Caffeine tonight but still had a filling meal. Another quick stop at the Road Runner Grocery Store got the rest of the groceries we couldn’t find before. 
Looking out our front door.
Heading back Home we knew we’d made the right decision to replace the Whirly Gig because we saw the trailer before we saw it. As we were driving in to our area Barb from Me and My Dog waved in recognition. We haven’t had the chance to visit yet but we will. 
Once our purchases were inside I again climbed to the roof to install our new Windsock. Now we’ll be able to find our trailer from off in the distance. Tomorrow I’ll make an adjustment to our main Inverter as it’s only feeding power to the Secondary Line. With the Sun slated to be around tomorrow we are looking forward to enjoying our first Campfire since we headed south. 
We only towed our trailer 4.9 Miles today but that is fine with us. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Office Jokes, Quotes, and Anecdotes 

Sally (to staff): Okay, guys, it's fall…That means no more summer malaise! Time to get back to work!

Karl: Technically, fall doesn't start until September 22. 

Sally: And that's one demerit for Karl. 

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  1. Glad you are settled and enjoy being off the grid!

  2. We are looking forward to being parked just like the two of you soon. Enjoy your time out there.

  3. Enjoy your Boondocking experience we love it.

  4. You should have a great time boondocking. We were surprised how much we like it!

  5. Now you will enjoy your solar panels and batteries to the fullest.

  6. Don't be surprised if someone pulls up and camps right next to you. I've had it happen several times. I've parked my Jeep far away from the rig to allow for extra space and even had to move a time or two. Some people just don't understand personal space!!

  7. Been following your blog for awhile now. Interesting, Dolly and I stayed at Quail Run and left there for our first boondock near Bouse. We have never gone back. Love being away from the crowds.

    I hope your solar panels work great. You should have all the power you need. Good luck on your first boondocking experience.

  8. The OFM Teams are so ready to get off grid again we are going berserk but it will have to wait a few more days. Have fun.

  9. Exciting times ...changes.. can't wait to hear about your adventures boondocking...