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Monday, January 16, 2017

Breath-Taking Views and an Amazing Ride Like No Other! WOW!

Our Location today is Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A. 

With the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival coming to an end last night we knew that we’d be on the road today. Under normal circumstances whenever we have a travel day we spend most of the night tossing and turning or we can’t stop thinking about useless things that keep us awake. Blame it on all the Fresh Air that we spent yesterday breathing because we both slept like a couple of rocks. 
About to cross the London Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona.
Heading North on Highway 95.
Since Kathy needs more sleep than I do, I was up before 6:30 AM MST and had gotten the computers put away along with turning our chairs along the back wall of the trailer ready for travel. Kathy was downstairs before 7:00 so we didn’t waste any time in having breakfast. We didn’t rush but we had a Four-Hour Trip ahead of us. 
Once I had completed my normal Pretravel Chores on the inside of the trailer it was time to get the outside packed away. There were no Water or Sewer Hoses to deal with but to take their place was our One Hundred and Twenty Pound Generator that had to be stowed back in the bed of the truck. I made certain to wear my back belt which added to my Safety and the Enjoyment of the remainder of our Southern Stay this Winter. 
It was 9:20 by the time everything was secured and we were pulling out of the RV Camping Lot we had spent the last five days in. Due to the Cold, Windy and Wet Weather, we had the first few days, we never did get to look around the London Bridge Area of town even though we had driven over it numerous times. Maybe that’s a good reason for us to go back next year. By 9:30 we were heading north on Highway 95 and bidding Lake Havasu Adios 
The scenery on this trip has yet to leave us feeling bored. As we drove North the Hills and the Mountainous Landscape just kept leaving us in Awe. Even after changing our direction of travel when we turned onto I-40 Eastbound the scenery was unbelievable. The only thing we didn’t like was the Jarring Potholes we had to Avoid After being on the road for over two hours we found a Flying J to park and ate lunch at the Denny’s Restaurant. 
Feeling refreshed we were back on the Interstate before 1:00. We used to have a Window Shade on the Back Window of the Truck until last summer when we had to have the window replaced. The Shade had the picture of the Red Cliffs of Sedona. When it was new and colourful people would ask permission to take Photo-Ops near it saying they wanted to go there. Since we shared the same feelings and we were close by we planned on finally seeing our dream come true and what a dream it was!
We knew we were at Higher Elevations when there was Snow scattered along the side of the Highway. Kathy had a good laugh when the Electronic Message Board over the road that read “No Stopping To Play In The Snow At Anytime”. 
Kathy had researched our route using a Map and the GPS seemed to be working well today taking us to our destination of Sedona, Arizona. When it had us leave I-40 to take Highway 17 we followed its instructions. Then when it instructed us to take Highway 89A and the Roadside Sign indicated Sedona just Thirty-Five Miles away we again followed its instructions.  
That is Snow in the Mountains and along the roads.
This route took us directly through the middle of the Coconino National Forest. Kathy never stopped taking pictures on that road. She also thought she was going to have a Heart Attack any second as we took one Hairpin Turn after another on the Switchbacks coming down the Mountain. She even let out a few screams as she took pictures of the shear drop-offs next to the road we were on. We passed a number of Viewing Areas that single vehicles had stopped directly in the middle making it impossible for us to stop if we had wanted. Other Viewing Areas that we drove by people actually stood pointing at us as we drove by. 

What all the commotion was that people didn’t expect to see a Forty-Foot RV traveling a road that would have thrilled any Motorcyclist to ride. I kept the trailer inside the lane markings and just focused getting us safely to our destination. There should have been a sign indicating Vehicle Restrictions but there wasn’t any.

When we arrived at Rancho Sedona RV Park on Bear Wallow Lane in Sedona it felt good to be able to relax. The site was an easy Back-In that had all the Full Hook Up Utilities located at just the right spots on the sites.

After Setting up we went to town to have supper. “Word of Warning”. There are no Fast Food outlets or Mom and Pop Restaurants in Sedona and finding a spot to park a truck is a real pain. Our Meal was Delicious and we each have enough for another meal but it was Pricey. 
Our Campsite and the Sunset reflecting off the Red Rocks.
While setting up this afternoon we spoke with our neighbour who said he’d been told it was impossible to drive an RV down that stretch of Highway 89A. I told him to look at Kathy’s hands because her knuckles were still White and we have the pictures she took while we did it. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.


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  1. When we drove 89a a few years ago, there was signs for no trucks over 50 ft.
    Sedona is a very expensive touristy town, but the scenery is amazing. Enjoy.

  2. Glad we will be driving up from Tuscon and not that route. Yuck!

  3. I've driven 89A many times and didn't think it was THAT bad. I've been on much worse. If you take a short drive south to Cottonwood, you'll find less expensive places to eat. Check out Jerome too if you have time. Montezuma Castle is a must see also! Enjoy!!

  4. Enjoy Sedona Guys, don't think I'd like that route with the rv either.

  5. I've been reading for a while but rarely comment. Please, throw out your GPS and go back to paper maps. I'm only half joking.
    I enjoy your blog. Safe travels :)

  6. My dad was a truck driver in AZ before I17 was built. He drove his semi up & down 89A to do his route from Phoenix to Gallup, NM.

  7. Loved your pictures today....outstanding!!

  8. Sedona has the most spectacular setting of any town I've seen. Hope you enjoy it there.

  9. We hope to drive that highway some time in the Motor Home just because. No other reason. Jerome is a must see.

  10. Sedona is the most beautiful town we have ever seen. Enjoy.