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Thank You for following this Blog

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Getting Chores Finished Early. Successful Blogger-Fest and Eating Out.

Our Location today is La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

It was quite amazing that before going to bed last night I knew I needed to get certain things accomplished as early as possible this morning but I actually slept through the night instead of staring at the ceiling thinking about it. The fresh air from yesterday’s Cold North Wind along with my not getting much sleep for a few nights before might have helped. At 7:00 MST this morning I was using the flashlight to find my clothes that hadn’t been taken out before going to bed. Getting quietly dressed in the bathroom without waking Kathy on the other side of a door wasn’t easy but going outside without having to slam the entrance door shut was the biggest challenge. 
I had a few errands to run in Quartzsite so after making my way out of La Posa South without disturbing others Camping “Off the Grid” I quickly blended into the already steady traffic on Highway 95. The Outside Temperature Gauge on the dash showed 3 C (37 F) at 7:15 AM but luckily Today’s North Wind was light and not as cold. Still the first stop at the Gas Station to not only top up the Diesel on the truck but to fill a now empty jerry can with Gasoline for our Honda Generator was not something I took much time doing before getting back in the warmth of the truck. 
Lorne Green laying the Ground Work for Blogger-Fest Discussion.
My next stop was at RV Pit Stop where I had to refill the Thirty Pound Propane Tank that decide during Yesterday’s Cold Windy North Wind would be a good time to go empty. Thank Goodness for that second tank or it could have been a cold night for us. 
After helping the Quartzsite Economy, I was back Home by 8:00 and just the sound of the door opening from the outside had Kathy jumping out of bed on High Alert. She couldn’t believe I had already taken care of business that early. 
George and Suzie from Our Awesome Travels.
We turned the Furnace on to warm the trailer up before we had Breakfast but as soon as Kathy was dressed off it went. Hot Cereal and a Warm Trailer were the only way Kathy could survive such a cool morning. 
Croft. Yuma waiting her turn.
The Solar Panels were busy charging our Batteries so to help them along I shut down our Inverter. After fueling the Generator and reinstalling the Second Propane Tank I started talking with our Neighbours Mike and Dee. They were telling me how warm they were keeping the inside of their trailer by using a Blue Flame Catalytic Heater and it was just Sipping the Propane much more efficiently than their Furnace had ever done. They told me where they got it so Kathy and I will go take a peek at what that RV Dealer has to offer. 
Gaelyn from Geogypsy.
I went inside where Kathy already had made hot Split Pea Soup for lunch and topped it off with the Lemon Meringue Pie that she had made the other day. That helped to warm us up just enough for us to get ready to head out. 
John on left is still recovering from a stroke.
Glenda on the right from Casita Escapes.
We loaded our Camping Chairs in the truck and headed up to the Pavilion near the front of the LTVA. The reason was that at 1:00 the Third Annual Blogger-Fest was taking place. Kathy and I weren’t able to make the first two but with being in the area this time we made certain to attend this one. After bringing some snacks to share as recommended we had a chance to start meeting with and talking to some of the Bloggers we’ve had on our sidebar since we started Blogging. 
Diana from Life on the Open Road.
Lorne and SueGreen who were in charge of organizing this year’s event got things started by remembering some of the Former Blogger-Fest Attendees who are no longer with us. Lorne made certain to point out that this was not just open to RV Bloggers themselves but people interested in what it was all about. From there everyone had the chance to recall why they got into Blogging and if they ever regretted it.  
Barbara from Me and My Dog,
One of the Attendees had only walked from his site to see what was going on. He has been using his computer to log his travels for years but didn’t know anything about Blogging and how it can actually help others. He plans on trying to set up an RV Travel Blog. Another Attendee who suffered a major health issue had started a RV Blog about travelling with a disability but had stopped. I encouraged him to go back to it because not only would he inspire others with disabilities to travel but those who can’t will travel through the words in his Blog. Other former Bloggers also expressed that they may consider getting back into Blogging that many gave up for the ease of Facebook 
Barb and Jim from Jim and Barb's RV Adventure
After the Round-Circle introductions were over everyone started mingling exchanging Business Cards and Tips they had discovered while doing their Blogs. There was a couple of group pictures taken of the approximately forty in attendance that will be shared at a later date. People started drifting away around 4:00 but in the end it appears that the 3rd Annual Blogger-Fest was a Success. 
Kim and Shawn from Shifting Gears
We made a stop back Home before going out for supper. All the Fresh Air we enjoyed this afternoon made us too tired to cook. As expected on a Saturday Night in the town of Quartzsite we were lucky to find someplace to eat as they were all packed. We stopped at Times 3 Family Restaurant and were happy to see they had more Staff working tonight than our first visit. No sooner was a table emptied, it was cleaned and there was someone being seated. 
Dee from Gone RVing
We made it back Home before 5:30 and were surprised to be able to actually get Online at that early hour. Since the Big Tent arrived the Wireless System in the area has been overworked. What we’ll be up to tomorrow we’ll figure it out as we go. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Joke of the Day 

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. 

Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.


  1. So glad there was a good turn out at the Blogger Fest. We attended it the first year and enjoyed ourselves and meeting so many other blogger that we followed but had never met in person.

    Too bad the weather is so chilly there this year.

  2. Thanks for sharing, there are a few blogs I didn't know existed. Hopefully, we'll attend next year. Haven't been since the first one and I had the shattered heel then so couldn't get around much.

  3. We have a Mr Heater Big Buddy and it was around $100. Best money we've ever spent.

  4. I started blogging a few years before we actually went fulltime. Now that we have settled, I don't know. I find that my interest comes and goes. I am sure that is the same for many. You are a dedicated blogger for sure......blogging every day.

  5. It was fun chatting with all these bloggers and meeting some new ones as well.

  6. Great pictures of the Bloggerfest, Rick. Glad to finally meet you. Been following your blog for awhile now.

  7. Sounds like you had a nice time at the Blogger-Fest. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  8. Good to read your blog. Maybe one day we will meet.

  9. We blogged regularly when we were traveling, but now just hit the high spots when we are doing something that we find interesting and think that others might as well.

  10. Thanks for the picture. Nice to meet you.
    Shifting Gears