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Friday, January 27, 2017

More Cold Windy Weather, Laundry In Parker and Surprises Awaiting.

Our Location today is La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

Even though I spent part of the night staring at the ceiling again as soon as the sun started peeking around the window shades this morning I forced myself out of bed. By getting myself on my own sleep schedule I will be able to control the quality of sleep that I do get. There was one little price that I had to pay for that early hour though and it was getting up to an inside temperature of 39 F (4 C) at 7:30 MST so without giving it a second thought I turned the heat on for Kathy. With Kathy’s Diabetic Neuropathy the last thing she needs is to get up to a cold trailer. Strangely even with my Raynaud’s Disease the cold doesn’t seem to bother me first thing in the morning. 
I did manage to get Online for a short while but the only thing I could get to open was Our Blog. No Email, No News and No Weather Reports. As soon as the Big Tent shuts down and the Vendors that were brought in for the show leave the Wireless Connectivity in the area will greatly improve and Kathy and I are not the only ones looking forward to that. 

As we ate our breakfast we discussed things that needed to be done and the one was doing our laundry. Unless you get at the local Laundromat here in Quartzsite at 6:00AM MST in the morning during the week of the Big Tent it will take you hours to get one machine at a time. Kathy also wanted to go to Walmart and the nearest one is in Parker so that’s where we decided do our laundry while we were there.  

There was only one little problem delaying our departure. Last evening I’d filled our Fresh Water Barrel and most of that water was in still in the Barrel. All I could do was transfer as much water as I could and if it was enough I could get the Barrel Safely out of the truck. As soon as I stepped outside I knew why it had been so cold inside. Our Windsock was standing almost motionless at full length facing the south which meant we were getting another Cold North Wind. 

After going back inside to add another sweater I set our New Water Pump to work its magic and in no time our Fresh Water Tank was Full. Unfortunately, the Fresh Water Barrel was still Three Quarters full and there was no way I could safely lift it out of the truck. Seeing Mike and Dee about to leave I offered to fill their tank but Mike had just finished filling it before I came outside. Mike offered to help unload the Barrel but I knew he didn’t need to get injured helping me. So I walked over to George and Suzie’s RV and made the same offer. They still had water in their tank but it was down to a third so they had room. 

I backed our truck near their RV and George brought their car around to power the Water-Pump. We had to stand on the south side of their RV so we wouldn’t freeze. George and Suzie both said that in all the years that they have travelled to Arizona for the winter this has been the Windiest, Wettest and Coldest they have ever experienced. They appreciated the Forty Gallons of water and I appreciated them taking it because that way it was Not Wasted. 

By the time I got back to the trailer I used Firewood to weigh down the Barrel from blowing away since it was Empty. Kathy had researched the addresses of the Laundromats in Parker while I was outside and was in the process of making an early lunch when I got inside. The warm drink helped take some of the chill from my body. 
I separated the laundry and loaded everything into the truck and we were on our way to Parker just before 1:00 this afternoon. Even though we basically were driving into the wind there were some Gusts of Wind that caused us to swerve a bit. Most of the Mountain Scenery was hidden behind a wall of dust. 
You can barely see the mountains due the dust in the wind.
We found Both Laundromats in Parker quite easily but they were full of people using them. Their parking lots were also filled with Class Bs and Cs that I am sure I’d seen leaving La Posa South this morning while I was outside. We switched to Plan B and checked out the Ace Hardware Store. It is much smaller than the store in Blythe and their prices are reflective of that. 
Parker Walmart
Our next stop was Walmart where we looked unsuccessfully for the Towels that Kathy was shopping for. We did however manage to get the groceries on our list to tide us over for a few days. 

Kathy reading in the truck.
We finally got to the Kofa Street Laundromat around 3:15 and I was fortunate that a number of machines had just been emptied. Kathy sat in the truck reading her book while I took care of business. 

By 5:00 I had all the clothes all folded and we were ready to go to have our supper. We wanted Fish and Chips but didn’t feel overly hungry and we didn’t want to put up with the crowds in Quartzsite so we chose to have the Filet of Fish at the local Mickey D. Not quite the same but close enough. 

It was nearly 7:00 by the time we got Home and we had a few more surprises waiting for us. As we entered La Posa South a Coyote ran across the road in front of us. The second surprise was our refrigerator showing it had no Propane so I had to go outside and switch over the valve to the other tank but will get the empty one refilled tomorrow. 
Since we missed Happy Hour today we are planning on attending the 3rd Annual Blogger-Fest here at La Posa South tomorrow afternoon. It will be nice putting faces to the people behind the RV Blogs that we read. Hoping to see you there. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Thanks for the water yesterday glad we had room for it. I have seen number of coyotes in the early morning and the evening this year.

  2. You need to be in North Texas we are having unusual warm weather here.
    Does it warm up during the day?

  3. Say "hello" to everyone at the bloggerfest.

  4. Sounds like you had a productive afternoon.
    Enjoy the Blogger-Fest; wish we were going to be there. Just not in this year's "plan".

  5. You guys had a busy day!! Have fun at the Blogger-fest!!