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Friday, July 8, 2016

Problem Solved But Not Fixed.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

After going to bed last night we were barely asleep when the distant thunder started beating heavily on our roof in the form of rain. As long as Kathy only hears the rain she will sleep soundly so when I checked the rain gauge when I went outside and found three quarters of an inch of rain had fallen I knew that she definitely slept well. 

During breakfast we discussed where we needed to go and made our list in order that we wouldn’t miss anything. After washing the lunch dishes I called Windsor Gas and Diesel for a progress report on the truck. In order to diagnose the problem on modern vehicles the issue has to recur. Since its arrival at his shop the truck has started every time. Until this morning that is. It happened just the way it did to us so now Jim had the correct codes of what the problem was and he knew how to fix it. 
We were on our way to Windsor before 1:00 but had a number of stops with the first being Guardian Storage. We first checked our mail then we went to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. We needed to drop off some wrapped Christmas gifts as well as picking up other supplies we’d forgotten the other day. Even with the air conditioning running inside the temperature was at a warm 75 F (24 C). 
Next we went to Princess Auto where I struck out on locating a long bit for the screwdriver. With the Humidex sitting at 106 F (42 C) we stopped at Wendy’s to cool ourselves down by enjoying each a small chocolate Frosty 
Our next stop was at Walmart where Kathy put in her order for a half slab cake for next weekend’s memorial to our friend Ross. We also wandered around and found a few toiletries that are now out of stock in our storage unit. A quick stop at the Credit Union to do some banking and we were on our way to Windsor Gas and Diesel. 
When we arrived the truck was sitting outside by the driveway and Kathy thought that it was fixed. When she looked inside she let out a slight AAAAH sound when she saw the dash in pieces. Jim explained what the problem was so that we both could understand it. Since the early seventies more things have become electronically controlled in vehicles and since the new millennium many are controlled by computers. In the case of our truck there are seven computers that feed to a central processor and if one of those isn’t working neither does the truck. The good news is all the computers are working properly but the processor isn’t. The processor in our case is built into the gauge cluster in the dashboard. A new processor from Ford that has a one-year warranty is $$$$$ while having our processor rebuilt at a local plant is only $$$ with a lifetime warranty. The truck is still in Jim’s capable hands. 
We made a quick stop at Canadian Tire to pick up some auto lubricants that I need for the car before heading Home. Once home we basically emptied our few purchases and went back out the door. 

Our destination was the 19th Hole Restaurant at the front of the park. We were meeting our good friend Pauline for dinner. She was right on time and we had a chance to visit as well as sharing a wonderful perch dinner. We had a little surprise for her as we were also celebrating her birthday a few days early. When we’d finished our meal Pauline followed us into the park back to our trailer. She had never seen this trailer before so the first order of business was to give her the grand tour. She was really impressed but then she also picked our brains because she will soon be going on a short trip with her sister in a Rental RV. Our visit continued well past the sudden downpour that left standing water on our patio. Pauline left just before 9:00 and we are certain she couldn’t have been at the front gate when the rain started again. We’ll be getting together again before the end of the summer. 
Beautiful cloudy sunset.
More rain to come.
At least we now know what the problem with the truck is and would rather have to wait the few extra days to get it back and not have to worry about breaking down somewhere down the road. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time. 


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  1. Hope it all gets resolved soon!

  2. Glad they finally figured out that truck!

  3. Us 5th wheel owners love our trucks so have to look after them! As little $$$ as we can spend to get the problems resolved, gives us more :) :) :)

  4. We got a nice shower in the middle of the night. Finally!

    Cars are like people. A person gets sick, makes an appt. with the doc, but when he gets there he feels fine. Just like your car...hehehe