It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Monday, July 18, 2016

On Vacation.

Our Location today is London, Ontario, Canada. 

Shortly after posting the blog last night I had the computers all packed in their protective carrying cases so as to save time this morning. We shut the lights out as soon as we’d seen the late night news. Luckily Kathy slept so soundly that she didn’t even hear the Thunderstorm that rolled through our area at 4:00 in the morning even though we had most of the windows in the trailer open. By 7:30 I busied myself getting things ready for breakfast and it wasn’t until I started packing my CPAP equipment away in the bedroom did Kathy finally wake up. Even though we took our time and enjoyed our breakfast it was 9:30 by the time we’d finished loading the car. Since the cloud covering appeared threatening we even brought our raincoats along for the ride. 
What the sky looked like as we were setting out.
Our first stop was to the Park Trash and Recycle area where we made certain we wouldn’t be returning to a smelly trailer. Next we headed down Walker Road towards Windsor where our stop was the C.A.A. (Canadian Automobile Association) where we got a map of London that we had forgotten to get the last time we were there. We weren’t ready to hit the road yet. Being that our compressor is locked in a tool cabinet in the rear of the truck which is presently in the shop we had to stop at the PetroCan gas station to air up the tires. Having packed most of our belongings in the back seat before leaving Home and then getting all the valve caps off before activating the machine I had topped all five tires including the spare before it timed out. 
We were finally on Highway 401 headed towards London by 11:00. At that point the road was packed with trucks coming from the two International Border Crossings so the simplest way to get clear of that was to set the cruise just above the speed limit. That was just faster than the trucks were traveling but slow enough most cars were passing us. We’d barely traveled five miles when only a few raindrops landed on our windshield and then the sky started to clear up.  
Since we had time on our hands we stopped at the Tilbury ONROUTE Service Center where we stretched our legs and had a sandwich for lunch. As Kathy said while we had lunch “Since we haven’t had the chance to travel much since returning from North Carolina last year this is like being on a mini-vacation.”  She’s right because the travel conditions were perfect allowing us to enjoy the trip. The rest of our travels were uneventful even going through the single lane construction areas.  
Center section of a Windmill Tower.
We arrived at Ramada Hotel by 1:30 but they said our room wouldn’t be ready until 3:00. Since my aunt had called late yesterday saying she was sick and would have to pass on our visit we thought we’d go to the movies. Kathy went in to see what time they started and was told 3:20. Batting a thousand we looked around the Dollar Store in the same plaza. We have the same stores in our area but they surely don’t carry the selection of products this store carries. We did find a few things that we purchased such as a couple of snacks and a couple of cold bottles of orange juice. 
It was now close enough to go to Landmark Cinemas to see the movie Finding Dori. We had seen movie reviews and read a few blogs that highly recommended this cute Pixar Movie put out by Disney. When we purchased our ticket we were asked a strange question. “In which seats would you like to sit?”  We thought that was really weird but what was weird was all the chairs in the theater were electrically powered recliners that made it feel like you were in your own living room watching this movie. The snacks we purchased at the Dollar Store had mysteriously found their way into Kathy’s purse and combined didn’t cost as much as a bottle of water at the theater. 

The movie Finding Dori was a cute animation that not only silenced the unruly children from before the movie started but it kept the attention of the adults as well. We both highly recommend this movie for viewing to all age categories. 

It was nearly 5:30 when we signed in at the Ramada Hotel. Kathy had gone online to a site where she managed to book the room for half the price than if she’d called directly to Ramada Inn. I think we’ve just found another way of cutting our costs. We brought all our baggage in, set up our CPAP machines and computers linked to their high-speed internet before going out to supper. 

Over the last few years we go to the Mandarin Chinese Buffet once a year. The hard part of eating there is all the small portions of food you have in order to taste everything that is being served. The food disappears as fast as it’s brought out because this place only holds a couple hundred customers at a time. From past experience Kathy and I have learned to only visit all the different sections once and not filling our plates. It is still more than what we normally eat but at least we can walk not waddle away after our meal. 
A stop at the local Walmart was required so that we could wear off some of our supper. We even ran into other couples who had just left there as well. Tomorrow will be less hectic but busy day. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time. 


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