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Monday, July 8, 2013

Appointments and Computers.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Shortly after 7:30 we were both waking to face a new day and sitting down for breakfast before 8:00. The Weather Channel forecasted rain that would be an all day event but looking out the balcony doors at the dry vehicles left in the parking lot we were hoping against it. Kathy went to her computer to read E-mails and blogs while I showered and refreshed myself.

Shortly after 9:00 we were out the door heading for Kathy’s cardiologist appointment which was way across town. Kathy suggested that I drive down Tecumseh Road to use up time since we were early. What amazed us both was that without changing lanes and just cruising along at close to speed limit we had only two near traffic stops but ended up getting to the appointment faster than if we’d taken the Expressway.

With our early arrival the receptionist liked Kathy’s medical history and medication dosage sheet so much Kathy didn’t even have to fill in the usual patient history sheets. Instead she immediately sent her for an Echo-sound and EKG well before her appointed time that she was to see the doctor. This Cardiologist had seen Kathy years ago and has a reputation for treating female patients like second rate citizens but if the husband is in the room he has the bedside manners of a saint. The appointment went well and we’ll be hearing from his office if Kathy needs to return within the next two years.

Leaving there we stopped for about ten minutes at the shop that had worked on my welder. Speaking with Anthony who had worked on it he was still dumbfounded that their parts supplier still would not give them a price on a new control board. What that means is that I’ll just have to use it the way it is.

We stopped at the Devonshire Mall for a restroom break and an early lunch. Again we enjoyed our hard shelled tacos from Taco Bell while talking and people watching before heading down the road to Staples.

Since we have had Bell as our internet provider we have also used their Internet Security since they introduced it. In most cases it did the job it was designed to do but we still had some problems as well. Recently they decided to start using MacAfee as their Internet Security which I recall cost us Kathy’s one computer to the I Luv U virus and cause me a loss of important information. No Thanks! Even though it is not much better we were able to get Norton 360 Multi-Device package to cover all our computers and Kathy’s tablet while at Staples and it was on sale. Kathy also managed to find some gift cards for Christmas gifts there as well. Not bad with only 170 days left to shop.

The sky was starting to darken by the time we got back to the apartment. Kathy worked on her online banking on her computer while I finished the final adjustments on the new mud flaps for the truck. Just about this time the darkened skies started lighting up and the rain was coming down in torrents. The next clear day that I’m feeling well enough I will be installing them.

When Kathy returned to her Christmas gift wrapping I busied myself cleaning out all the old AVG and Bell Security programs in order for the Norton 360 to load up properly. By the time Kathy called me for supper I had gotten both Laptops and both PCs registered with the new Norton program.

Tonight Kathy still cannot get on to G-mail or Outlook using her PC. Have I mentioned how stupid computers are? Oh yeah just yesterday! Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

PS: I had written the blog on 
my PC but can't get it to post. 
So I E-mailed it to my Laptop
and the pictures are on the PC.
Computers are Stupid!

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