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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Real Snowbirds.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Even though I kept tossing and turning most of the night Kathy managed to sleep fairly well. That also meant we both managed to sleep later than we normally do. Once we were awake and looking outside at the beautiful sun filled day that was calling to us we started making plans. But first! Don’t you just hate hearing those two words like that. For some reason Kathy’s PC has been causing her several problems that no matter what I would do it wouldn’t work right.
First her printer just does not want to work with her PC so I have deleted and reloaded it and rebooted the computer at least a half a dozen times. I try the printer on my PC and it won’t work but it always works on the test sheet each time I reloaded it. The second problem was she lost her sound.
Figuring this is going to be costly at the computer repair shop I tried to reload the printer one more time. I deleted the software the same each time. I restarted the computer over again the same way each time. I even reloaded the hardware program the same each time. Then why is everything on her computer suddenly working like it’s supposed to do including the sound. I always thought the third time was the charm not the seventh.
Since we weren’t going to the RV dealer today and now we weren’t going to the computer shop we were on an adventure. Our plans were to go visit some real snowbirds.
Today Kathy and I headed out to Kingsville, Ontario the home of Jack Miner’s Bird Sanctuary. Both of us had not been there since our early elementary school years. Jack Miner was an environmentalist long before the term became popular. He saw the need to have a place where migrating birds could have a safe haven during their twice a year border crossings and a place for injured or maimed birds to live out the rest of their lives. He travelled and made many presentations on the need for this type of preservation of the world’s wildlife.
He was very inspirational to many world figures and dignitaries who often came to this small community of Kingsville to see what one man was doing to help save the Canadian Geese from extinction. Eastman Kodak, Ty Cobb, Billy Graham, Edward Kennedy are only a few of the Lower 48 States that have made the visit. There were even Korean and Chinese delegates that made trips to see this one man’s dream.
Having gone during the week like this made it so there were no crowds and easier to see. The sanctuary is still run by descendants of the Miner family and depends on donations to help offset their costs of operating this Canadian Landmark because there are no government subsudies to help them out. This outing made for a very nice day amongst like minded people.
Did you know that Christmas is only 68 days away? Thanks for following and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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