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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frustration and Good RVers.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

This is definitely getting habitual sleeping until nearly 9:00 again with only a few brief moments of wakefulness. It was on the cool side when we got up but not enough to have the heat on. After breakfast we got caught up reading E-mails and blogs on the computers.
Kathy went to the dining room to work on her recipe card box while I readied myself to exercise. Just then an automated message from our RV dealer comes through saying our parts were in. I return the call to verify what parts were in and to set up an appointment to get all this warranty work completed. I’m told that only certain parts have arrived and one is being refused by Keystone RV Manufacturing.
 After hearing what the dealer has to say I call Keystone to speak with Dave in Customer Services who had said back in August that if it was in their trailers it would be covered. I explain what the dealer is telling me and the name of the person who they are dealing with. I wait while Dave checks with the Warranty Department as to why it is not being covered.
He comes back with a different story than he did back in August. Keystone used a non-RV type refrigerator in our outdoor kitchen so that is why they are not covering it but also the fact that I had put food and drinks in it while I was travelling is a major no-no. There were no stickers on the fridge when we picked up the trailer but we are supposed to know we can’t travel with anything in it. This refrigerator should never have been used in an RV but the consumer should have known better than to travel with food in it.
I’ve made the appointment to get the other work and services done at the dealer. I will deal with Keystone Manufacturing through the Better Business Bureau. Needless to say I didn’t get my workout in today.
This afternoon Kathy and I went to the trailer to continue prepping it for the winter season. We finished removing our toiletries and anything else that could freeze before we leave to go south this winter. Before we could lock up the trailer Wayne and Gayle Lay stopped by to start winterizing their A-class diesel pusher parked next to us. We spent another hour just catching up on one another’s summer travels.
As we were about to leave another couple Bob and Anne-Marie who also store their trailer at the Guardian Storage stopped by to talk for a bit. This was actually the first time we had spoken but had seen one another around our rigs in the past. As they say RVers are the nicest people you could meet.
After leaving the yard we headed in search of a special shop in search of a special gift for a special person. We didn’t have any luck with that one. There’s only 76 days left before Christmas so we’re not wasting any more time because we have too much to do.

Thanks for following along with us and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Too bad about the refrigerator. I would be upset with Keystone too. Hope you get the issue resolved to your satisfaction.

  2. Good luck with the rest of your warranty work, hope it works out for you. And yes Rv'ers are the friendliest people for sure.

  3. It seems a bit strange that they would put a non-RV fridge in an RV. Having to take everything out of a fridge when travelling sure sounds like a huge inconvenience. Too bad about the hassle.