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Friday, April 12, 2019

Tail Wind, Little Daddz’s, Missing Mail and Walmart Docking.

Our Location today is at Walmart, in East Windsor, Ontario.

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After double checking The Weather Network’s forecasts for both Wapakoneta, Ohio and Essex, Ontario as well as a few areas between we decided that we would be leaving in the morning. The Wind started banging our Slide Toppers around 10:00. That was the only sound that we heard until 6:00 this morning when the Rain came down so hard that you could not hear the Wind anymore.
Waking a few throughout the night by strange sounds that I would get up to check out before crawling back between the sheets meant that I had to make up the lost sleep somewhere and with the sound of the Rain on our roof I didn’t open my eyes until nearly 8:00 this morning.
We kept breakfast very lite and managed to get our indoor chores mostly completed before finishing our Coffees. Even with all the Utilities hooked up in hardly any time we were headed to the gas station just across the Interstate to top up on Diesel. The Marathon Truck Stop at the corner was selling it for $3.299 while at the Shell it was only $2.799 a Gallon. Where would you by your fuel?
We were finally back on I-75 heading north shortly after 10:00. Everywhere you looked all you could see were thick Clouds filling the sky. Traffic was the usual mix of Semis and Cars with few RVs added to the mix. We stopped at the Rest Area just before Findlay so we could stretch our legs and get rid of our morning Coffees. The Wind was cold enough that we wore our Raincoats over our Jackets so we wouldn’t freeze.
Back on the Interstate we had planned where we wanted to stop for lunch but we are starting to think that the Miles are getting longer then they used to be. Seeing all the familiar Landmarks and the Constant Construction that is called Toledo was no surprise to us. What did surprise us was after entering the state of Michigan everyone knows how bad their Highways are but after the first Ten Miles the roads were smooth. That was a pleasant surprise.
We have made a tradition of stopping every year for our last lunch in the US at the Big Boy on Eureka Road in Taylor, Michigan. We were shocked to see it was gone and had been replaced by a Bar. I didn’t even pull into the parking lot instead I just kept going. Since it was already past 1:00 Kathy said the obvious “We still have to eat”.
I turned into the Southland Center where a newer restaurant was built close to the road. It’s name was Little Daddz’s Family Restaurant and we pulled in near the back on their lot. It was clean on both the Inside and Outside the service was fast and courteous. The only problem we had was that we were hungry and they have a Huge Menu to choose from. When in doubt just order Fish and Chips and they were good. Twice while we were there someone ordered a Greek Dish that was lit causing a Flame to soar Three Feet or higher in the air. If they don’t burn the place down with those dishes we’ll be back to start a New Yearly Tradition. If you are in the area you might consider trying them out.
After heading back to I-75 we were arriving at the Ambassador Bridge within a Half Hour where we stopped to take advantage of the Lower Duty Free Fuel Prices of $2.699 a Gallon before crossing. After answering the required questions by 3:00 in the afternoon we were officially back in Canada.
Just like the US we were met with Construction heading down Huron Church Road which was not there when we left last fall to head south. Having lived in the West End of Windsor for over Twenty Years I took an alternate route through Neighbourhoods to get us to the E. C. Rowe Expressway a lot quicker.
Our first stop was Guardian Storage to pick up our Mail as we do every year when we come back from our southern trips. Today there was another younger woman on duty that I have never seen and after presenting my ID when I asked for my Mail she seemed lost. She called the other location to ask what I was talking about. For the last few years our Mail nearly fills a Shopping Bag. Carol won’t be back in the Office until Monday so I finally walked out with less then a Handful of Mail. This is where we get all our documents for doing our Income Taxes, Insurance Slips, Bank Statements just to name a few and we don’t have any of them.
We drove over to the Walmart in East Windsor. Parking up by Tecumseh Road Kathy finished sorting the little Mail we had while I walked down to our Credit Union to get some change for doing our Laundry. When I returned I parked behind Staples so we could go inside the Walmart for some walking and supplies.
After putting our groceries away at 6:30 we decided to walk across to the nearby Arby’s where we had Roast Beef Sandwiches for supper. It felt good just sitting there without the building moving from the Wind or bouncing from going down the road.
Walking back to the Truck I had Kathy sit to rest while I investigated another spot to spend the night. One of the concerns we had about travelling today was Wind Gusts up to 40 MPH but they acted as a Tailwind and the roads were full of Semis. Tonight the Winds were hitting us Broadside so we moved to the east side of the Walmart building which blocked a lot of the Wind.
Once we were parked I noticed the Twenty Foot By Sixty Foot Flag at a nearby grocery store barely wavering because of the High Wind. After driving 167.9 Miles it feels good to be sitting still and close to our kids. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Glad to see you are home safe. Hope you can get some warm weather soon. You have been cold way too long this year.

  2. Happy to hear you are back home safe and sound

  3. Welcome home, soon to be back on your lot in the park.

  4. Welcome home. Bet you can't wait to get into the park and setup for the season. Hope you don't get a price sticker shock when at the Canadian gas stations to fill up. Have a great visit with family!

  5. Oh boy, hoping your mail is somewhere there! You would think when they trained her, they would tell her all that..geez. Glad you made it into Canada safely! Enjoy

  6. A nice big sigh of relief that you are off the road for the night. That wind always bothers me a lot. You should be home very soon!!

  7. Did you have any issues at the border re vehicle repairs?

  8. Welcome back to Canada. I'm sure that you ail was just places somewhere safe. We had 3 to 4 months worth returned to sender because the person we paid to pick it up forget!!! It has taken me weeks to get it all back and now I can finally finish my taxes.

  9. So did you end up spending the night at the Walmart? Shame you were not able to pick up all your mail at once.

  10. Welcome home. Glad you had safe travels all winter!! Should warm up soon.