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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Running Errands, Emergency Scare, Good Test Results and Kathy’s Home.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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After I got all the Laundry cleaned and Kathy got things ready so we could drop off our Tax Returns at our Accountants Office on Monday that was high on our priority list for Tuesday. We were both completely worn out that we had no trouble sleeping. When we got up we were busy for a short while not only doing our morning reading on the Computers but making phone calls. The first was to activate our new Credit Cards that had arrived back in February. The next was to put Verizon on notice that by the beginning of May we will be cancelling their service. When we head south in the fall we’ll be able to reactivate it as a Prepay Unlimited for less then we have been paying per month plus not having to pay for the summer months. Finally I called Fantastic Sam’s to see if we could get Haircuts this week with Jenna. Turned out she was working afternoons Tuesday and could see us at 3:30 because she had a 3:15 appointment.
With a slight Drizzle outside and not being too hungry we opted for a simple bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup, a Cheese Stick and a Yogurt Cup for lunch before heading out the door.

Our first destination was to our Accountants Office in Windsor with the purpose of dropping off the information for our Income Tax Return to Revenue Canada.

The Second Stop was the Service Ontario building where we purchased our new License Sticker for the Escape as well as Kathy renewing her Driver’s License and applying for her new OHIP Card. Our pockets were definitely lighter by the time we left there.

We arrived at Fantastic Sam’s on Howard just before 3:00 thinking we’d have a bit of a wait. As soon as Jenna walked in she called Kathy over and started cutting her hair. She was finished by 3:20 just on time for her 3:15 appointment to arrive. She started cutting my hair by 3:35 and after making our next appointments for May we were walking out by 3:55 feeling human once again.
It was nearly 5:30 by the time we got back Home and starting to feel a little hungry so Kathy made some French Toast for our supper.

Since it was still early we decided to watch the movie “SPY” with Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Jude Law. It was Cynical and Hilarious all at the same time. (Warning, Contains Course Language and Violence)

Kathy wasn’t feeling too good so she went to the Bathroom while I got ready to write the Blog. Suddenly she was calling for me to see something. There was Blood all over inside the Bowl.

That is something you don’t mess with and we were soon out the door again heading back to Windsor. We chose to go to the Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus since that is where our Family Doctor practices. After a Half Hour Drive we arrived shortly after 9:00. The Hospital System in Canada has really changed here over the years. What we felt was a serious problem they just felt that it was just business as usual and they were in no serious rush.

With Kathy having a Congenital Heart Defect and worrying about what was happening her BP was 219/179. After Blood and Urine Tests were taken we had to sit out in the Waiting Room. Like everywhere else in the world there are lots of Homeless People and many of them hang around the Emergency Rooms complaining of False Aches and Pains so they can stay warm for a few hours before going back outside.

Kathy was finally brought into the Examination Room and checked by the Attending Physician. He determined that she had a Bladder Infection which caused the Bleeding . He also lined up an Ultra Sound for this morning to confirm his assumption and started Kathy on Antibiotics.

We left the Emergency at 3:20 in the morning and arrived Home by 4:05 due to a Lead Foot. I was up by 8:00 this morning and immediately set up our Printer so I could print out Kathy’s Surgical History and Medication List. I barely finished that when Kathy came downstairs at 9:00 where we had a Lite Breakfast.

By 9:35 we were once gain heading back to the Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus for the Ultra Sound the Attending Physician last night had ordered. The worst part was Kathy had to drink a Litre of Water before we arrived at the Diagnostic Imaging Department and they had a Two Hour Delay.

It was after 1:00 before we could go to the Cafeteria to get Hamburgers for a Brunch. We were surprised how tasty they were. We must have been hungry.

We then had to return to the Emergency Room and wait until the Attending Physician could review the results of this mornings Test. We only waited another Hour and A Half before we were called in so Kathy had a chance to have a nap on my shoulder while waiting. She confirmed what the other Doctor had concluded but advised us about seeing our Family Doctor soon so he could monitor the problem.

Kathy needs much more sleep then I do so she napped on the way Home and she napped while I installed the new License Sticker on the Escape.

We headed out again around 5:00 headed for Pharma Choice drug store in Amherstburg. There we had the Prescription for Antibiotics filled as well getting some paperwork filled in for me.

We stopped at the Soup and Salad outlet where we shared a Greek Wrap for supper. This things are so tightly packed that it is a meal for the Two of us.
It was just before 6:00 when we arrived at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house for what we thought would be a short Visit. Melissa had already put out a tray of snacks to share. With Six Months of catching up we were there for nearly Three Hours until the bright flashes of Lightning sent us on our way Home.

We were Home by 9:30 and Kathy only checked her messages before she headed off to bed. Her Bleeding has stopped and she is already feeling better due to the Antibiotics. I won’t up much longer myself. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Sounds like a scary time, sure glad Kathy is feeling better.

  2. Glad they found the issue for Kathy and have her on the mend. It was a busy couple of days.

  3. Glad Kathy is on the mend. Sometimes the bleeding occurs when you have a problem with a kidney stone.

  4. I hate it when that happens. Mostly because all that waiting around makes you think about it too much. I'm glad they found the problem and she is on the mend.

  5. I cant believe that she had to wait so long with her blood pressure off the charts like that. I sure hope it came down after finding out what was wrong. Glad to hear Kathy is feeling better. That was so scary.

  6. Our thoughts and prayers on a good diagnosis and full recovery for Kathy. We too have made some trips to the ER recently, so we know the anxiety that that brings. Glad it happened at home. We're still in Quartzsite, but will be heading slowly to our summer gig in NW Wyoming within the week.

  7. Sounds really scary - so glad she's OK!

  8. Goodness, I'm so sorry that it was as scary for Kathy as it was for yourself. Glad the bleeding has stopped and that she is feeling better.

  9. What a fright for both of you.