It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trailer is Ready

Todays location Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Sorry about not posting last night but it was a very long day yesterday and before I would have downloaded the pictures alone would have been after midnight.
Yesterday started early with the hopes of completing the must do list on the trailer. The first place I headed was on the roof to change our waste tank vents. Many times in the past after travelling we have entered our trailer to be hit with the odor nobody enjoys and this is caused by the wind forcing air down the vent stacks.
To end this problem I replaced all three of our standard vent caps with new Cyclone 360 degree vents. Now no matter which wy the wind is blowing it will rotate the head of the vent so that it draws the bad odors away as you travel down the road or even sitting still in a park so the inside of the trailer will smell the way we want it to. It was unbelievable how many screws and how much sealer was originally used to hold those covers in place and it took nearly an hour per vent to clean.
We had to stop at noon to head back to Windsor for our scheduled haicuts. It's hard to get hairstylists that will cut and style your hair the way you want each and every time so when you do you need to make appointments. After the hair cuts we made a quick stop back at the apartment to pick up a few things we needed in case we would still be overnighting at our son's.
Once we were back in Amherstburg I was able to finish sealing the new vents fairly quick. The next thing on the list was installing  the sewer hose containers on each side of the frame rails. Since I had predrilled pilot holes it made using the self drilling/self tapping screws a breeze. Using those same self drilling/self tapping screws I was finally able to install our level indicator on to our new pinbox making leveling the trailer so much easier.
Earlier this year when I rebuilt the media drawers in the rear bedroom into clothing drawers we noted after the last roadtrip the one seemed tighter than the other. Today that problem was taken care of by removing the drawers and shaving the opennig a sixteenth per side. Now it works great. Even though the drawers were made the same width as the old ones the drawer glides were heavier duty thus causing them to jam.
By this time Melissa had come home from work and cooked up supper figuring we all needed a break and nutrition. Even with the heat there was a slight breeze which made eating outside under their gazebo comfortable allowing us to enjoy our meal without being too hot and no bugs. Thanks Missy.
Right after supper I emptied half the trailer basement and removed the one particion wall to see what was the cause of the fresh water tank not filling when I tried to do it. There were no obstructions visible to the fill tube nor the vent. I experimented attempting to fill the tank the way I had with the same problem happening. So I turned the faucet down to about quarter flow and was able to fill the entire tank with no problem ecept a minor leak that I fixed right a way.
Behind the wall of Mysteries
Kathy was amazed at all the wires and piping.

We recalled in the past the faucets that we normally used for filling our tank had splitters with valves on them so you could have more then one hose connected at a time and be able to turn them On or Off from the splitter. That small valve in fact reduces the amount of water flow running through the hoses which made filling our tanks easy. Yesterday the hose was connected directly to the faucet meaning four times the water was trying to enter the tank at once and the vent could not handle it. Murphy didn't win.
Once the basement was put back together and repacked the last thing on the list was installing the tire monitoring system. If you recall I'd had a problem where I messed up the programming and didn't know how to fix it. A call to Tire Traker and within five minutes everything was corrected. So today they were installed the tires properly inflated and that crossed everything off the list. Always fun hugging the tires on a set of duals.
It took about forty-five minutes to unhook the hydro and water and put everything away. Another fifteen minutes for me to wash up and change my clothes and hook up. We said our final goodnights with hugs and kisses to the kids and grandkids and were on our way home by 9:20. By 10:00 we were pulling the trailer into the storage yard in Windsor.
Kathy loved the way the backup lights on the trailer worked. She didn't even need to use a flashlight. After parking it Kathy unloaded and shut down the refridgerator while I locked down the outside of the trailer and truck. By the time everything was put away in the apartment it was nearly midnight.
We were up early this morning for some scheduled medical tests that Kathy needed doing. From there we had breakfast at 10:00 and ran a few other errands. We finally got home just before lunch only to get a phone call from our granddaughter Kylla. She asked if we could run her out to a friend's place and if we could get together for a visit on Saturday.
After getting back from that errand Kathy worked in the kitchen cleaning and freezing some Rhubarb that was given to us on Monday by Bill and Vera. I see some jam and pies sometime in the future being made. Myself I was updating the GPS with the help of a tech. Unfortunately because of the size of the update we will now have to use a SD card because the GPS didn't have enough memory on its own.
One thing I never mentioned that since Tuesday our region has been under a Heat/Air Quality Advisory with the humidex over the century mark. It felt so good to stay in the rest of the afternoon that I barbecued some Chicken-Kabobs for supper tonight.
Tomorrow it's the trucks turn for an oil and lube and wash. With only 5 days to go before we're on the road again it's good to know we'll be ready. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

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  1. Lots of work but all well worth it. Do you find that the wind deflector you have on your truck is worth it? Did you notice a difference after you installed it? Just wondering as we are soon to take delivery of our Jayco Pinnacle 5er after trading in our Class A.

  2. Rick, looks like you and Kathy are ready to roll and only 5 days to go.