It's about time.

Many of you that can relate to this. Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beautiful Weather Day

Our Location Today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Kathy had things she needed to do this morning so she planned on staying at home Shortly after breakfast I headed back over to Karen's to try to make as much progress on that patio as I could. I was surprised to see Karen's vehicle parked in the driveway but just gathered the tools I needed and headed to the back yard by 9:30.

By 10:45 I had completed cutting all the bricks that were needed for edging around the firepit itself. Even though the sun was bright with few clouds in the sky I didn't want a repeat of scrambling for cover like yesterday so I closed up the saw and started to wind up the electric cord. This is where I got a big surprise. Standing in the Kitchen looking out was Karen. She explained that Tyler was running a fever with bad earaches so she had kept him home from school and stayed home to care for him. She then asked me if I had just gotten there. She did not hear me using the saw cutting the bricks in the house and she never heard the electric garage door opening or closing.
 I went back to working on the patio laying the new bricks. The problem as I stated the other day is that the manufacturers now make the same paver bricks a half an inch thinner so to attain the same thickness as the older bricks I will be adding more stone filler and leveling them one brick at a time. After a ten minute lunch break (hope the union doesn't hear about that) I kept working  until 1:05 when Kathy told me It was time to close up for the day.

Once I had showered and changed back at home I took Kathy back to the Podiatrist for a post procedural checkup for 3:00. Everything went well and her foot is healing beautifully with very little discomfort. From there we stopped at the Tecumseh Mall to find her some comfortable walking shoes that will help her to walk on our Summer travels.
 We stopped for supper at Swiss Chalet and then headed off to Amherstburg to visit Kevin and Melissa. Melissa had switched shifts with a coworker yesterday so we postponed our Wedensday visit to tonight. While we were there I used Kevin's garage to modify a number of brackets destined for the trailer. We were busy enjoying one anothers company when a neighbour friend Cathy brought over fresh cooked Pickerel. They had  family and friends over for supper and had overcooked how much fish they needed so they brought it over to Kevin and Melissa. There was so much of it the kids shared some with us and it was delicious only problem was even the kittens Garfield and Sully wanted to share it with us.
Jill commented on yesterday's post about the pretty purple flower we had there and asked what type it was. To be honest if I see flowers that look beautiful I will take its picture and try to look it up at a less busy time and so far that hasn't happened yet so I'll have to defer that to the Botanists who might see it to answer for me. Tomorrow is looking to be another beautiful day weather wise so I'll be back to the patio while Kathy does things around the apartment and bakes a cake. That will help us to get the projects completed because we only have 24 days until we leave on our first trip of the season and it's only 41 days to the start of Summer. Be Safe and Enjoy!
It's about time.


Doctor: "I would suggest that the best thing for you

to do would be to give up drinking altogether."

Patient: "What's the second best?"


  1. I think your pretty pink flower might be Dianthus.
    ~Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  2. The pavers are looking good. Isn't it funny how everything from ice cream cartons to toilet paper is getting smaller. One way to cut costs, I guess.

    I think your flower is a dianthus.

  3. You are sure doing a nice job on laying the pavers around the fire pit.

  4. I love the way you count down to your next adventure. Isn't it great to have things to look forward to?