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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes Dorothy It's Definitely Kansas..

Talk of slow to no WiFi this post was delayed over 8 hours and will not upload any pictures. Will try to add them later.

Our Location Today is Salina, Kansas, U.S.A.

Trying to upload the pictures to yesterday’s blog was a very trying experience. Kathy, Bill and Vera were all tired out from Tuesday’s drive and were fast asleep while I wrote the Wednesday post. Try as I might for over an hour I could not upload a single photograph because of the limited band width. Finally getting to bed by midnight I slept until 3:00 where I awoke to trying to solve the problem. Attempting to sleep was futile so shortly after 4:30 I got up figuring I’d give it one last try. I guess if the third time is a charm the twentieth time just fell into place because I was back in bed fast asleep by 5:00.

Shortly after 7:00 we were out of bed to take advantage of an All You Can Eat Pancake breakfast served at the campground kitchen. It included juice, two Jimmy Dean sausages, a bottomless cup of coffee, and all you could eat pancakes. Everyone had an extra pancake so as not to overfill ourselves because we still had to close down the trailer before hitting the road. By 8:30 we were waving goodbye to Limon, Colorado.

We made great time stopping after a few hours for a stretch and nature break. A few more hours and we had suddenly crossed into the Central Standard Time Zone. We had also done something else. Yes Dorothy we were definitely back in Kansas.

Since the time had suddenly jumped way past the noon hour we stopped for lunch at the Colonial Steak House just off the highway. They had a great selection of food to choose from on the menu but they also had a country style buffet for $7.99 that included your drink making it cheaper than most the meals on the menu. We all enjoyed the salad bar and the pieces of chicken they served were so large you’d have thought you were eating turkey. The barbecued beef was not overly sweet and was very tender. The only problem with that meal was sitting in the truck with full tummies for the long ride ahead.

As the miles rolled by the change in the landscape was very apparent. Spotting the odd Dust Devil crossing our paths was no consolation knowing that they could easily grow into devastating tornadoes with much more destructive forces than displayed in the movie The Wizard of Oz.  It also raised the question of how all the wind turbines would fair out in the event of such a storm.

By the time we rolled into the Salina, Kansas, K.O.A. the thermometer on the dash was reading 111 F (44 C). It was an easy setup in a large site but the heat said it was time to stay in for the evening. Soon we started seeing weather reports of severe thunderstorms heading our way with chances of quarter sized hail. At the time of writing this post the trailer is being moved by high winds and heavy rain that were earlier predicted.  Yes Dorothy It's Definitely Kansas.  

Thanks for following our adventures. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I have found that you will have lots better access to the internet in Kansas if you put on your ruby slippers and click your heels together twice before going on line.

  2. Hope you two don't get blown away. Take care and safe travels.

  3. sounds like it was a great day in the 'eating' department...I find wifi at most campgrounds suck...when you call to reserve they say yes we have wifi at the site what they dont' tell you is it never I carry and air stick all the time...enjoy folks...and be safe out there

  4. Enjoy Kansas and keep things tied down. Travel safe.