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Friday, July 6, 2012

Busy Hot Wisconsin Day

Our Location Today is Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
After I posted our blog at the office this morning I gave Bill who celebrated his 80th birthday in December a look at what Blog Land for RVers looked like. He was totally in awe over this world of technology we have come to enjoy. He personally has never used a computer but is still amazed how things that were deemed Si-Fi in our earlier years is now a reality today.
When Bill and I arrived back at the trailer it was 102 F (39 C) outside and Kathy and Vera had just finished preparing lunch. The Air Conditioning in the trailer felt wonderful but it was to be short lived. Once lunch was finished and the dishes washed and put away we were heading out in search of adventure.
Our first stop was to view the area by way of the Wisconsin Ducks. There were other companies around but Kathy had researched carefully and chosen this company. With the use of reconditioned Military Amphibious Vehicles we were able to view and learn how the Dells area of Wisconsin was formed during the last Ice Age. We also got to see an area that was almost totally destroyed when a natural berm that held a man-made lake in place for years failed. That breach had actually drained the entire lake within a three hour period and washed away many homes.
Our next stop was the Lost Canyon Ride. This was a horse drawn ride through the dells that were so narrow a vehicle could not pass but these horse drawn wagons just barely fit. It was amazing seeing the formations in the rock walls that were formed all by nature and trees that are only found in this area of the world and parts of Canada many of them growing out of the rock faces.
Notice the outline of the Eagle in the rocks.

Bill and Vera asked our driver and guide Chris where was his favorite place to eat and why. His response was a little place on highway 23 called Club 23 that had great food and was reasonably priced. Strangely we couldn’t find it on our GPS but did find our way to highway 23. After a very short drive there was a sign telling us our destination was only five miles up the road. We almost missed it because it was set back from the road and only had a small sized sign on the building. There was only one other vehicle in the parking lot and the sign said open at 4:00 pm.
Chris did not steer us wrong. The menu was simple but still gave you multiple choices of the different foods to enjoy. The meal was delicious the service was wonderful and the comfort of the AC a welcome relief from the high temps outside. By the time we left the place was filling up.
After supper we headed back to the trailer for a rest and recovery from the busy afternoon schedule we had and readied ourselves to go out for the evening.
We had reserved tickets to see Rick Wilcox a Master Illusionist. The performance was sold out and the preshow kept the kids busy and entertained. Once the show began there were many disbelievers that were recruited to be part of the act. When each of the tricks were performed they could only walk away more confused than before not being able to figure out how it had happened. Unfortunately no Videos or Photography of any sorts were allowed. 
By the time the show was over it was a relief to get back to the trailer and enjoy a nice shower to cool down from the outside heat. Tomorrow will be a short travel day but will bring us closer to our next adventure. We hope you can follow along on our next post and share the excitement with us. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying area and the hot weather and hope you can keep cool enough. Have fun.

  2. Can't believe Bill is 80. Well, 'and a half' I suppose. A little surprising that he's never used a computer, but to each his own I suppose.
    Just watched a video of Rick Wilcox on YouTube. He's very good. Sure can't figure out the illusions.
    Have fun!

  3. Sure a busy day for you both. Looked interesting and fun to explore the Dells on those boats. Sounded like a good show. Glad you enjoyed the food place also. Have a Great Friday!

  4. Sounds like you are having a great adventure so far! Keep having fun and making good memories!

  5. Whew that heat was still awful yesterday... now on Saturday it's getting better here and by Sunday it will be wonderful! Enjoy!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard