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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy Branson Day

Our Location Today is Branson, Missouri, U.S.A.

With the shock of what happened in Colorado and the problems with WiFi things started slower than we’d planned.

On Saturday morning it took about forty-five minutes to drive out to Dogwood Canyon Wildlife Reserve but we were almost two hours ahead of our scheduled tour. With that in mind Kathy looked into getting our reservations for the four of us moved to an earlier tram so we’d have more time between this and our other afternoon plans.
Mike was the driver of the 11:00 am. tram who gave us the history of the reserve and how it came to being the way it is today. Using free labor from volunteers and assistances in planning from the Army Corps of Engineers it is turning into a first class place for visitors of all ages.
The trip through the canyon which is partly in the state of Missouri and the other part in the state of Arkansas with its habitat for trout was impressive but once we had ascended to the upper rim of the park it was awe inspiring as Mike laid feed out for Bison first, next for the Elk, and then the Texas Longhorn Cattle that reside there. Mike did save some feed for a special resident of the reserve. Elvis is the senior residing bison at the reserve but tends to keep to himself but he had no trouble posing for pictures.
                                                                       This is Elvis.
By the time we returned to the office where we started our tour it was past 1:00 and people were packed around the snack bar so we decided to head down the road to the first restaurant we saw. Fifteen minutes later we pulled into the Twin Lakes Family Restaurant. This mom and pop place served simple food at reasonable prices in an atmosphere that was hard to beat. When we left the restaurant we walked around an adjoining grocery gas bar before heading for the truck.
We head back to Branson going straight to The Dixie Stampede showplace. Kathy and I had been here eleven years ago but Bill and Vera had never been. Since we were picking up our tickets for the show that would be starting in less than an hour we stayed put in the confines of the air-conditioned lobby. After dropping off Kathy, Bill and Vera at the lobby I managed to find a parking spot near the back of the lot. Walking back to the lobby I managed to snap a few pictures of some of the stars as I walked past their stalls even nodding acknowledgement as I called their names.
Once the preshow seating began I was informed that I could not take any pictures of the show. Apparently someone did not follow the No Video or Flash policy so now all photos are prohibited. The opening act definitely warmed the crowd up. After moving into the main auditorium it did not take long to be seated and the serving to start. Even though the food was served to be eaten without any utensils it was still delicious and filling.
By the time the show ended the serving staff were busy prepping for the start of the next show. With the temperature still in the upper 90’s I had Kathy, Bill and Vera wait by the door while I went to retrieve the truck. I have driven in many strange situations before but never anything that brought to mind so many Redneck Jokes. I waited for an opening in the chaos and slowly made my way back to the front entrance with no further problems.
Back at the trailer the heat continued to rob us of our strength so the decision to remain inside for the rest of the night was unanimous.

Thanks for following our adventures. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Yikes! When they say "Longhorns" they ain't kiddin'! I guess that one won't be getting through the barn door.

  2. Branson is one of the areas on the top of my 'bucket' list...I can't wait to see it and be there....thanks for sharing...I'm drooling.

  3. Elvis looks like a rather large feller. Enjoyed the pictures.

  4. We were in Branson the first part of the week. Stayed at the Indian Point COE campground and loved it. We didn't do anything special while in Branson, just piddled around and had a good time at that.

    After we left we saw a brochure for Dogwood Canyon. We are planning a trip to Branson in November to see the Christmas lights and will probably go see Dogwood Canyon then...

    Hope you guys have a great stay in Branson.

  5. Looks like another fun Day , enjoy the Dixie Stampede.

  6. Sounded like a nice day, we enjoyed the pictures. Hope you get some relief from those high temps soon. Have a Great Week!