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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Backseat Driver, Great Lunch Out, Checking More Vendors and No Water.

Our Location today is La Posa South L.T.V.A., Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A.

Even though we went to bed tired last night at 3:00 MST I woke up and spent the rest of the early morning Tossing and Turning. Since crawling around under equipment is no longer part of my near daily routine since my Retirement my body kept me awake reminding me of yesterday’s activities. I was probably dozing on and off but nothing solid. If I could have gotten to the medicine cabinet and taken a Tylenol I would have probably slept like a rock just like Kathy. 

My back finally told me it was time to get up at 7:30 so I had everything ready to greet the day before turning on my Computer. Kathy sensed my absence and she was downstairs minutes before 8:00. Even though we are expecting cooler mornings in the next few days it was quite comfortable and with the Sun blazing brightly we even opened the Window Shades upstairs to help warm the trailer.

We had planned a lazy day of checking out Vendors that we have never checked out before so we took our time reading everything we needed to on our Computers before finishing our morning chores. It was nearly 11:30 when we left to go to town. 
Sheepdog sitting quietly seconds before
being tossed from his seat.
As we approached the first traffic light at Tyson Wells Road and Arizona 95 we spotted the old Land Rover that we’ve seen many times and recognized it because of the large English Sheepdog that sits quietly in one of the rear Jump-Seats. Traffic was Bumper to Bumper today heading to the Vendors and Downtown area. As the Owner was approaching the intersection the Traffic Light suddenly changed and the poor Sheepdog got tossed to the floor. Instead of just getting back on the seat he stood there barking at his owner complaining about his improper driving skills. He finally sat back down when the Land Rover started back up the road but as soon as he slowed for the long line of traffic ahead the Sheepdog started barking at him again. For a Backseat Driver I think he got his point across. 
Cowboy Nachos with homemade chips.
Since this was Thursday we had planned on having lunch out at the Mainstreet Restaurant because they have a dish that is only served one day of the week. We ordered their Cowboy Nachos special. It has caught on so well that they have a helper for the Cook just making their Homemade Chips for him. It is unbelievably Tasty and within a few minutes of leaving the table you would hardly believe that you had eaten. As we were being served many new customers to the Restaurant were stretching their necks and asking the waitresses what that was and ordering it. 

We had a slight problem as we were leaving the restaurant and had to go back Home to La Posa South LTVA for a short while. Once everything was taken care of we headed back to town. 

We have explored many different vendors areas but there was a section on Main Street that we had never been to even last winter. Driving just past the Yacht Club we found a large parking lot to leave the Truck. We started walking through one store after another where we found plenty of interesting things to look at but only a couple actually followed us Home. Since we have not been getting out and doing much hiking this was the perfect way to get some Walking Exercise in. 

After getting back to the Truck Kathy wanted to stop at the Grocery Store just to see what they had in stock. She figures that once the Big Tent opens on Saturday the shelves might be very empty so better to stock up. Since we had never been to the General Store that’s where we went today. They didn’t have the variety that the Road Runner grocery store has but you could get by with what they had in a pinch. We found a few things to help tied us over as well. 
Lots of RVs checking in today
at La Posa South LTVA.
Back Home we scrambled to open Windows and Roof-Vents to let the heat out. While I changed to working clothes Kathy nuked some Corndogs in the Micro-Wave just by using the Inverter. It wasn’t much but it was enough for our supper. 

It seems that there are more and more RVs showing up everyday in anticipation of the Big Tent. This is now causing long lines at the Dump-out and Fresh Water Stations so I figured I would get one last Dump and Fill until the crowds thin out again after the Tent is gone. Our Tanks weren’t as full as the last time so I had all the Tanks emptied with less then a barrel full of Waste.

On the way to empty the Waste our neighbour Wayne waved me down and said there was a notice at the gate saying the Water Pumps would be shut every night at 5:00 until the crowds diminish. The reason for this is there are Thirty Percent more people then last year so they are trying to Conserve the water. He also told me that so many people had stopped at RV Pitstop for Water that their Wells ran dry. 
There were only Two RVs ahead of me when I reached the Dumping-Station. Since I saw them pull into position I used that time to walk the Trash across the road. All the Dumpsters were beyond Full but I managed to stick my bag under the lid. When I finally got to emptying our Waste Barrel I found even the Non-Potable Water had been turned off so the Barrel didn’t get flushed out today. 
Pulling up to the Fresh Water Faucets people were struggling to fill Gallon Containers so I didn’t waste my time and just headed back Home. Kathy couldn’t believe the Bureau of Land Management would do such a thing. I’ll just have to be an early riser tomorrow so I can fill our Fresh Water Tank

Got some beautiful Sunset pictures tonight. We’ll be going Visiting tomorrow so we’ll have something different to show in tomorrow’s blog. Thanks for following along, feel free to leave a comment and click on the pictures to enlarge them. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. It amazes me how many rigs are parked in La Posa South. No wonder there are lines for dumping and water. Sounds like a very nice day however!

  2. Wow! I guess there is going to be a record crowd this year. Great economy and low gas prices help. I may have to stay here in Yuma and just drive up for the Bloggerfest.

    I'm glad you two are getting some walking in. There's lots to see and do right now. Before it gets too crowded.

    Hope Quartzsite doesn't run dry.

  3. Sounds like a nice day...poor dog in the Land Rover don't blame him for being upset...:)