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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Calling the Kids, Finding A Difference, and Christmas Celebrating In The Park.

Our Location today is Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

Kathy and I once again hope that everyone had the chance to Enjoy this Blessed Holiday of Christmas exactly the way they wanted. Reading some other blogs we follow, they have gotten tired of the Commercialism that surrounds this Holiday it’s causing many of them to lose Faith in even the real reason behind the Holy Day. 
Kathy and I had planned on getting up early this morning but since the alarm clock (me) spent nearly three hours in the middle of the night at the computer trying to get tired enough to sleep we were only slightly late. We managed to get up to have Breakfast by 8:00 MST with the help of the bright Sunshine, then we started calling the kids back in Ontario wishing them a Merry Christmas which was close to and slightly after 10:30 EST for them. It was nice hearing their voices filled with happiness especially the younger ones who had a visit from Santa last night. 
With all the phone calls finished and our morning chores complete, Kathy and I once again set up our production line to make what Rick Cochrane calls “A Little Bit of Heaven”. They are Won Ton Wrappers lightly fried in Vegetable Oil then dusted with Confectioners Sugar. Today however we were using small sized Burrito wraps because the Grocery Store said they were made the same way and that was all they carried. Kathy found out that they are different because these were lightly coated with Flour. The Flour helped make separating the Wrappers much easier but the excess flour would fall into the cooking oil causing it to burn. In order not to burn the Wrappers Kathy had to use four times the Vegetable Oil she normally does when lightly frying the actual Won Ton Wrappers. 
Desserts and Salads
Turkey and Ham
Hot Sides. more were added after this picture was taken.
Just before 1:00 we walked over to the Clubhouse where most of the park residents had gathered to celebrate Christmas as an RV Family. After everyone’s arrival and Thanks was given everyone lined up to partake of a feast. As typical you could only sample small portions of some of the dishes that residents had brought to share because there was just way too much food. Try as much as we could not to overeat we didn’t eat supper this evening. 
All seats were filled. Over 50 in attendance.
When the meal was over volunteers helped move the Desserts closer to the rest of the food so those tables could be used for some fun. Kathy and I didn’t know anything about this game so we just sat and Watched. It was called “White Elephant” and it was a fun way of exchanging gifts that were supposed to have cost five dollars maximum. It was obvious that a few people forgot that rule getting things that everyone tried to win. In the end, there had been a lot of laughter that entertained everyone for a couple of hours. If we are ever anywhere they do that again we might play along. 
Definitely not a Five Dollar Gift.
As we were leaving there were a few people asking me information about installing Solar Panels. I invited them over to take a look at what I’ve done and I will gladly explain it to them. I started researching this project over ten years ago, and with changing technological improvements you have more choices on how to set up a system today. Tomorrow I’m hoping to be back at finishing up that project. When the installation is complete I’ll photograph the components as well as making easy to understand drawings for anyone interested to check   it out. I’ll also create a Solar Page at the top of our Site for anyone to look at whenever they feel like it. It is not that difficult to do and by taking their time anyone can do their own system. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Glad you had a great Christmas. Best of the Season to you.

  2. What a fun Christmas day and wonderful sunny warm weather a bonus.

  3. Your wonton wrappers look and sound delicious!! What a fun way to spend the day!!

  4. Looks like you had as great a day, as we did.

  5. No one should ever lose faith in the real meaning of Christmas no matter how commercialized it becomes. It is about Christ's birth, not the gifts.
    Looks like a wonderful Christmas day with new friends. We did a “White Elephant” exchange on Christmas day also. What fun! Merry Christmas.