It's about time.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rainy Run Around

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

After a fairly restful night for the both of us we were having breakfast shortly after 8:00 this morning. Kathy was on a restricted diet today nothing that contained any caffeine. Later this afternoon she will have to go for some tests at the hospital. The high temperature for this area for today occurred after midnight and is supposed to be fairly cold for the next couple of days. 
What you call a dead end road.
With breakfast completed we did our usual trek to the computers to get caught up on our morning reading. Once Kathy was finished she started researching again for our 2014 trip to Florida. By the time we left Florida in early April she had already made reservations for the months of January, February and the first three weeks of March. It is that final week of March and the beginning of April that she is having problems with. 
Inclined railroad from Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Last year she had our entire stay in Florida booked before last summer but when our daughter’s family suddenly decided to join us we had to reschedule the month of March which added to the number of times we were on the road. This year our plans will be fairly set in stone and if the kids decide they want to visit they’ll have to come and see us where we will be down in the Keys. 
I was still on the computer when the rain really started pouring down hard enough against the windows that I stopped to look out in the parking lot. When I looked out I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Grant and his wife Sandy’s vehicle in the parking lot. Grant is the person that steered me on to purchasing our Network Turbo Hub for our phones and computers.  
This pass is known as Fat Man's Misery.
I went for a visit upstairs where we compared notes for nearly a half hour. We traded information some things that they knew about the system that I’m still learning and things that I’ve already learned that they didn’t know. We were also discussing the differences in our systems even though they do the same job but are by different manufactures and appear differently. Grant came downstairs to see our set up and help Kathy and I to test a few things on the system and showed us what the different indicators meant. 
We finished eating our lunch around 1:00 and were soon on our way to Hotel Dieu Hospital where Kathy’s tests were scheduled by her Cardiologist because her family doctor doesn’t think she should continue taking some of her medication. Her family doctor is the same one that doesn’t want her taking the Arthritic Medication that works. After the staff confirmed Kathy’s medical history and allergies they could only do one of the tests she was scheduled for at this time.  
On the way home we stopped so I could schedule the truck for its yearly safety inspection. A quick stop at Windsor Gas and Diesel confirmed that I’ll drop it off next week so I’ll have the new license tags by the end of the month. 
Now it was getting close to supper time so we went to the Michigan Dinner on Manning road and indulged ourselves with Fish and Chips from the seniors menu. We enjoyed the meal, the atmosphere and the people watching and by the time we left to come home the steady rain we had all day now had slowed to a light drizzle. 
Tomorrow morning holds more appointments for Kathy but the afternoon is still a surprise waiting to happen. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. We hope to be in the Keys next winter as well. Maybe we'll run into each other.