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Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Yes you read the title right and I’m sure most of us have experienced that type of day before. At 7:30 when the alarm went off we struggled to get out of bed because we are both retired and as Kathy says she just doesn’t do mornings. The reason for being that early was to bring our trailer to our RV Dealer for winterizing and warranty work. It was amazing how fast we had breakfast and almost flew out the door.
Bufflo grazing in Yellowstone Park.
By 8:30 we were pulling out of the storage yard with the trailer in tow. Now it was my turn to have an Oops because when we came to the intersection I turned left down the road we have been using all summer because of road construction. It wasn’t until after making the turn with a half dozen cars following me that I saw the ramp to the expressway had been reopened. So that only added fifteen minutes to the trip.
Fountain of Youth Campground in Thermopolis Wyoming.
Clearing customs at the Ambassador Bridge was a breeze today with a total wait and processing time of less than ten minutes. Even the traffic on the highways taking us northbound in Michigan was flowing with no delays and we were arriving at the Dealer’s by 10:35. Not bad for an 11:00 appointment! Now we had to go through the paper work getting unhooked and walking through the problems with the service technician. He said he’d have the trailer ready by 5:00 so we might as well go have lunch and browse around. Since we had an earlier than normal breakfast that sounded like a great idea.
In Devil's Tower National Monument Park South Dakota.
Bob Evan’s Restaurant was just down the street and it was now closer to 12:30 so we really enjoyed our meals. The food and service were great but being able to relax and take our time was wonderful because it gave us time to sit and talk outside of our home environment or driving down the road.
At Mount Rushmore Monument South Dakota.
We headed over to Meijer’s to shop around and killing time without buying anything but just comparing things available to the consumers in the U.S. that is not sold in Canada. We repeated the same routine at Walmart before going over to Tim Horton’s to enjoy a relaxing coffee.
Inside Tank in Florida.
We arrived back at the dealers minutes after 4:00 and Kathy went in to sit in the customer lounge while I prepped the truck to again tow the trailer. When I went inside Kathy had just been given some bad news. Everything on the list of things to be done was finished but one thing. The cable controls for the galley and rear black tank valves were completely seized. Even after spraying them with WD-40 through the course of the day they wouldn’t budge. Since this was not the first time I had complained of this they were going to see about getting it covered under warranty but it wasn’t going to ready today.
Disney's Fort Wilderness campground Florida.
So we are home back in Canada and our trailer is still in the U.S until sometime next week. The SX-Video called with the good news that our computers are ready for pick up and working just fine. With only 52 days until Christmas things are starting to move fast around here but we still have to hurry up and wait. 
K.O.A. campground Calhoun Georgia.
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It’s about time.


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  1. There alway seems to be an in foreseen thing that pops up and delays the repairs. Good luck with getting it done in a timely fashion.