It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Run Around Run Around Day.

Our Location Today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

We woke this morning to an overcast sky and puddles in the parking lot from last nights rains.It was not looking too promising. Turned on the weather channel & itindicated that we were close to reaching our daytime high and would soon be cooling down in the afternoon. A quick decision was made to head out for supplies and other organizing needs.
As we were heading out of the apartment building the skies opened up again adding to the gloominess of the day. First we stopped at Walmart where we managed only to find a rolling cart that would help in organizing our kitchen Pantry. Next we headed over to Home Depot where we managed to cross a few more things off our list. Since we had spent so much time in those two stores looking it was time to get lunch so we stopped in at Arby's and enjoyed their Roast Beef Sandwich combos and relaxed a bit.
When we walked out of Arby's after our lunch there was no longer any rain but the light wind was quickly dropping the temperatures. We headed to Canadian Tire still trying to find the last item on our list with no luck. So we headed over to a second Canadian Tire closer to where we used to live and then to the second Walmart in our area all to no avail.
Once we got home I used an 888 phone number calling the manufactures of our Humidifier trying to find the one thing on our list that we were unable to find a Filter. This was a new designed humidifier this year and even though we had purchased a replacement filter at the same time we purchased the unit they were no longer selling filters for it. The manufacture told us another company was now making their filters and here's the number to call. I called the manufacturer to ask about their filters and they quoted me a price of double the ones we already had. They did give me a phone number of a local distibutor. Another phone call was made where I spoke to Jerry who told me he had three in stock at the same price we had originally paid. Needless to say Jerry has to reorder stock because I had to drive 12 miles back across Windsor through Rush Hour Traffic to get them. He also informed me that even though the particular unit we had purchased was new, other units had be using the same filter for the last ten years.
We had super shortly after I arrived home. Kathy had made a wonderful meat pie but she was upset because she had already cut it up before I could think of taking a picture. She also made poached pears in a wonderful red wine sauce for dessert. Yum! After finishing the supper dishes I finally got to start reading the blogs we follow. As I am typing this post Kathy is chatting with Dee Walter from TUMBLEWEED on the RV Dreams Chatroom about getting together for a visit in Florida next year.
Our temperature is more like Winter weather tonight through tomorrow. Saturday it will slowly start to climb back to Spring like weather. I would really like to start working on the trailer fairly soon especially now that Spring is officially only 12 days away. Be Safe and Enjoy!
It's about time.


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I resolved, when the year was still new,

That all alcohol I would eschew,

But perhaps, though, a brief Little aperitif at my desk?

I don't mind if I do.

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