It's about time.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Busy Long Wait.

Our Location Today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Last night we received a late call from Karen first apologizing about the time and secondly for needing to ask another favour. Remember we had said that we took care of Tyler on Tuesday because Karen and Greg were working and his sister Kylla had gone away on a school trip to Montreal, Quebec. Well Kylla's trip went great until late in the day on Tuesday when she wiped out on a ski slope. She had been on a beginners slope but her rental skis crossed and the binding did not and would not release causing her leg to get twisted around. Also since the province of Quebec does not recognize OHIP for medical coverage and the injury was not life threatening all they did was ice down her leg and kept it elevated until she got home last night. Karen asked if we could bring her to the clinic which didn't open until after lunch.

Kylla's not happy
Kathy and I hustled getting things done this morning. We picked Kylla up at home and had her at the first clinic before 1:00 pm. and were told the doctor working the clinic today was not sure if he'd make in because of some delay. The next clinic we arrived at 1:15 pm. and people had been there since 11:00 this morning. At least the doctor was in and the line was moving slowly. A gentleman who came in after we did had cut the end of his Index finger off while working in his kitchen got tired of waiting and left at 3:30. They called Kylla in at 3:45 X-rays and Examination we were on our way by 4:00.

Where the Buffalo are hiding.
The good news is there is nothing broken. The bad news is she somehow stretched the muscles in the knee. The doctor said no Gym at school and no work for up to two to four weeks. She'll be doing physio-therapy, needs to wear a knee brace, and keep the knee elevated with ice compressions to lower the swelling.
Hurry up I can't hold this pose forever.
The weather hit a sunny 75 F ( 24 C ) here today. I'm wondering what the delay that doctor at the first clinic had? Whatever the reason we had even more flowers blooming around the building today so that is surely a good sign that Spring will be great when it arrives in 5 days. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.


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  1. The waiting and waiting but at least nothing is broken, recovery may take a while but all should be good soon.

  2. wow I thought all of our provincial medicare intersected and covered us in each province in Canada...its a good thing nothing was have to wait so many days for care is terrible...hope she feels better soon...thankfully nothing was broken..