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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Helpful Explanation, Crazy GPSs, Room With A View and Heavy Thunder Storm.

Our Location today is Elephant Butte State Park, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

Even though we didn’t think there was any reason for us to be in a rush leaving Dream Catcher RV Park this morning we were both awake shortly after 7:00 MDST. As we sat having breakfast we contemplated whether or not to stay another day because of the High Winds that were being forecasted for the Deming, New Mexico area for this afternoon. 
I-10 heading towards Las Cruzes
Since I hadn’t put the Computers away last night we brought our morning Coffee/Tea over to check things out. The only thing not to like about the Forecast was the colder temperatures but it looked like a great day to travel. Our morning refreshments were soon consumed and things started getting packed away. We have started to get more efficient in how long it takes us to open and close our Home for travel. Once I had completed my inside chores I needed an extra layer to keep warm to go outside. 
Being that we were hooked up to full utilities I was able to dump and flush our waste tanks with very little effort. The one thing that did slow down my progress was our neighbour Dale came around asking questions about towing a Fifth Wheel Trailer. He and his wife just became Fulltimers on January 1st and they are in a 24 Foot Travel Trailer. I continued my chores while explaining the trail of trailers we have gone through and why we made the changes we did.  
Going through Las Cruzes.
When he told me a Tucson RV Dealer had offered him a Fifth Wheel at a very high price plus they be taking their trailer as a trade as well and that the dealer said his ¾ Ton Truck would pull this heavy trailer I told him he was getting fleeced. Forty Foot Fifth Wheels tend to be in the Seven Ton Range and would destroy his truck. Then I told him about shopping online seeing what different dealers have in stock check and them out but wait until the middle of June to buy it. Most dealers want to bring in next year’s models at that time and will drop their prices drastically to get rid of the older stock. He thanked me for the information, but he really liked that trailer he had seen. 
Heading towards Truth or Consequences.
We were on our way out of the park just before 11:00 this morning. Having researched our route on Map-Quest the other day I knew that if we took Arizona Highway 26 to I-25 it was only 87 Miles and we would be in Truth or Consequences in just over an hour. Our GPS insisted we take I-10 towards Las Cruzes and the other one just gave us the silent treatment. Kathy insisted the GPS would take the shortest route and get us to where we needed to be so we followed its instructions. 
After getting off I-10 and driving through Las Cruzes to connect to I-25 we finally arrived at the Cabello State Park that Kathy had programmed the GPS for but it was for “Day Use Only”. The intention was to be close to Truth or Consequences so we could look around. Reprograming the GPS for Truth or Consequences it now began trying to have us drive down Farm Lanes so we finally had to shut it off. 
Heading towards the Fishing Village.
We kept driving not knowing where we were and finally stopped for fuel when we reached Williamsburg. As the person at the Post Office explained the village of Williamsburg was added to the outer edge of Truth or Consequences so was actually part of it.  
They told us where to find a campground so we followed their instructions to a Tee. The place we ended up at was a Fishing Village that the roads were barely wide enough for the truck and when we got to the campsites they would barely hold the truck. There was a very tight turn around loop but we made it in and out unscathed  
In Recognition of the Civilian Corps of Engineers,
located in the upper parking lot.
When we got to the parking lot at the top of the hill we stopped. It was already 2:30 and we needed to eat something since we’d had breakfast seven hours earlier. Kathy made us Meatloaf Sandwiches which helped us to start feeling better again. We pulled out Kathy’s Computer so she could find us a campground and while she was doing that I saw something walk past the back of the trailer. 
Following our new friends.
I got up and saw a couple checking out the empty stone building in the parking lot so I asked “Do you know where we are?” and “Do you know where there is Camping around here?”. There were two couples and they tried explaining our location and how to get to Elephant Butte State Park back towards Truth or Consequences but were confusing themselves in their instructions. Since they were camping there themselves they offered to lead us there which we gladly excepted. 
By the time they had walked back to their truck we had the trailer ready to roll. When they left the parking lot their GPS told them to turn left in effect taking them away from their Campground and I told Kathy so but we followed them just in case they were right. About five miles through the winding roads they pulled over and Red-Faced admitted their GPS had malfunctioned and was now telling them to turn around. It was a little tricky turning around on the sloping shoulder of the road but we made it. 
Traveling back seven miles on the winding road past the entrance to the Fishing Village we arrived at Elephant Butte State Park. They pointed the gate we needed to use and we Thanked them before they drove on to their own sites. The Attendant was very helpful giving us ideas of where to park and where we couldn’t park. We drove out to B Loop and saw plenty of sites but Kathy wanted to get closer to the water. Driving further she finally realized those were the Reserved Sites the Attendant had told us about that we couldn’t take.  
The two middle trailers are our new friends.
Back on the top of B Loop once we finished backing in we were looking down at our new friends waving up to us. Looking towards the rear of our trailer we are also looking down towards the Lake with all the Mountains surrounding it. 
Gazebo, Picnic Table and Firepit.
We got the trailer unhitched and leveled just in time for a quick little shower to start wetting things down. After I finished closing up the truck I went inside to help Kathy to finish setting up our Home. Off in the distance we could hear the sound of approaching Thunder. We were soon closing the windows we had just opened earlier because for the next two hours the rain came in waves before finally letting up. 
Just got settled in on time.
Our 87 Mile Trip turned into a 160 Mile Frustration. We are going to start writing Map-Quest directions down in the future and not being led on extended trips like today. We’ll still explore the area but just from a different Base Camp and we’ll wait until tomorrow to visit our New Friends. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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You think Guitar Hero should be an Olympic sport.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Reasoning, Windy Errands, Taco Tuesday and A Proclaimed Junky.

Our Location today is Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Something as simple as tying a rope over our Slide Toppers really quieted them enough that we hardly heard the wind on them last night. The reason we prefer having Slide Toppers is not only because of our Base Park being full of trees but many Parks and Campgrounds that we have visited were filled with them as well. Without the Slide Toppers, it was necessary to climb on the roof of our trailers and sweep Leaves, Twigs, Pine Needles, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings and Bugs from the tops of our Slides otherwise we would often found that on the inside. As some have commented we would not have the noise caused by the High Winds without the Toppers but experience has taught us how to deal with it. With the ropes on the Toppers we had more noise from the Wind rattling our Roof Vents. 

Wearing a Long-Sleeved Pajama Top last night helped to stop my arms from freezing like the night before and with the lack of noise on our Slide Toppers we both slept quite soundly. I felt so well rested this morning that I was up shortly after 7:00 MDST and by the time I’d opened the Window Shades in the living area and started making breakfast Kathy joined me downstairs. We discussed what we needed to do today before finishing our morning Coffee/Tea at the Computers. 
This was at 9:00 this morning.
Checking The Weather Network was showing Wind Speeds already at 30 MPH gusting to 40 MPH that early in the morning. It was shortly after 9:30 that I loaded our empty Water Jugs into the truck. Five minutes later we were on our way into Deming. 
This is what The Weather Network called Clear.
Our first stop was Walmart where we had a few things still on our list from the other day but more importantly we just wanted to walk around someplace out of the Wind. We started in the Seasonal Section looking for the Barbecue Covers that I use to cover our Weber. For the last couple of years, we have been unable to find them but today we found a box of them tucked at the back of a lower shelf. We got two. Last week my Watch-Band broke while we were in Tucson and I couldn’t find one to fit my large wrists. The Associate tried and tried to change it for me but couldn’t get the old one off. She also had to serve other customers so using her tools it took me fifteen minutes to finally get it apart. Another Associate came along to help and installed the new Watch-Band. Kathy found the other things on our list while I was dealing with the Watch. 

Our next stop was the Dollar Tree where we had to pick up some wrapping paper for a special little someone back home. It was already past 12:30 when we left there and since Wendy’s was just across the parking lot we stopped there for our lunch. 
Some of the Deco of downtown Deming.
When we were looking around Deming on Sunday we only covered one section of town so after lunch we toured the southern part of the town seeing things we didn’t know existed.  

We finally located the Reverse Osmoses Water/Ice Building to fill our Fresh Drinking Water Jugs up. Parking as close as possible I managed to fill them all in no time but the Wind was so strong it kept slamming the back door of the truck shut scaring Kathy a few times. 

We stopped to top off our Diesel but the pump wouldn’t accept my Canadian Credit Card so I had to go inside for the clerk to authorize the purchase. Directly across the street was the local Propane Distributor but when we drove into their yard a sign on their fill pump indicated it was Closed. With nobody in the office we headed back down the road. 

I had been told to stop at Road Runner RV Park where they filled Propane Tanks for other Dream Catcher RV Park guests. There is no sign telling you the price but from the final cost I figure it was close to $3.00 a gallon. 

We finally got Home around 3:30 so after unloading our Drinking Water and other purchases I went outside to prep the back of the truck for towing in the morning. We also had a chance to get some afternoon reading done on our Computers before heading back out the door shortly after 5:00. Walking through the Park Kathy said she was freezing from the Cold Wind. 
Sitting at the wrong end of the table for good lighting.
There were 33 Dream Catcher RV Park guest here for
Taco Tuesday.
Our destination was the Park Clubhouse where Park Guests were supposed to meet before leaving at 5:30. When we got to the Clubhouse we were told everyone had already left so we just continued walking over to the Quality Inn next door. Every Tuesday they offer a special known as Taco Tuesday and they set up a Banquet Room for the Park Guests. They have this down to a science assigning each couple or person a number which is given when they get your orders for your food and drinks. These are small Tacos for a dollar each but are well worth it. The one thing you might be careful of is the Salsa is “HOT” so if you like mild order the Sour Cream. Kathy was talking with a woman to her right while I was talking with Carol and Jim on my left. All 33 people in attendance seemed to be having fun visiting especially those who ordered the large Margaritas. 
Looking West to clearing skies.
On our way back Home the Sky was starting to clear on one side of the park while the other side looked like they were getting drenched. The Wind continues to shake the trailer and rattle the Solar Panel Cables on the Roof. Tomorrow the Wind is supposed to lighten up but if not we’ll stay another day. 
Look to the East and someone was getting rain.
After Kathy took her shower this evening she admitted to being a Boondocking Junky, still showering the same as if we were in the desert. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Witty Words of Wisdom 

Just remember, if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Relearning How To Use Things, Slowly Getting Organized and High Winds Getting Higher.

Our Location today is Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

After posting our Blog last night we both spent time getting caught up on reading other evening Blogs we follow. Before we knew it we were way past our normal bedtime. Being certain that with changing to our Winter Bedsheets yesterday the cooler night-time temperatures wouldn’t be a problem and they weren’t for Kathy. I was perfectly comfortable for the first couple of hours but then my Raynaud’s Disease kicked in and my arms felt like two ice sticks. The problem was that I had worn a short-sleeved pajama top to bed and that was enough to make my arms cold which meant I spent lots of wakeful moments trying to warm them up. 

Kathy had made the statement when we went to bed that we’d probably sleep in and we did. It was almost 8:30 MDST when we got up. The sun had already started warming the inside of the trailer and it was already at 59 F (15 C) as we sat having breakfast. We discussed what we wanted to accomplish today before we started our morning reading on the Computers. 
By 10:30 Kathy had also started making a Meat Loaf. She had to take a few minutes to remind herself how to use her Convection Oven since we’d been “Off the Grid” for so long. 

I headed outside to start filling the latest Organizer that we purchased at Harbor Freight. It was hard to believe how many bags of supplies I was carrying down inside of one of the Toolboxes that I had to carefully place things into the Organizer to make it all fit. The way these Organizers are made they have three different sizes of bins inside that can be moved around to whatever configuration you want. Fortunately by having a few of these Organizers I could also switch the size of bins with others to make it all fit better and keeping like fittings with like fittings. 
Leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage with added Potatoes
with Grapes for Dessert.
Kathy called me in for lunch around 12:30 and we were having the Leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage. Kathy never serves a dish a second time without making adjustments so the way it tasted the other day is not how it tasted today. It tasted much better! 

I was back outside continuing my organizing while Kathy was inside Vacuuming and Dusting our Home. Three months of desert air blowing dust through our Home, no matter how often she cleaned the next day it was just as bad. Today she thought that she is starting to win the battle. 

There were numerous things that ended up in the garbage while the supplies were placed in the Organizer. I was slightly shocked when I went to lift my Toolbox because for the first time ever I was able to pick it up using only one hand. I’ll need to make a few more changes before everything is organized the way it needs to be. 

All afternoon we were experiencing Wind Gusts up to 32 MPH and the noise from our Slide Toppers and the Bicycle Cover were becoming extremely annoying. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for Rain and Wind Gusts of 39 MPH or better so Kathy asked me to tie them down like we did while at Dome Rock BLM near Quartzsite. Instead of using the Ladder like the last time I simply used a broom to pass the ropes over the corners of the Slides and used the tension of the toppers to add tension. With Kathy’s help we added extra Bungee Cords to quiet the Bike Cover from making noise. 
For supper we had Meatloaf with Asparagus
and a Fruit Tart with Cool Whip for Dessert.
We also packed away our Weber Q so it won’t be wet when we leave on Wednesday. The inside of the trailer is much Quieter this evening so we hope we won’t have too much noise tomorrow. 

Lots of the RV Travel Blogs that are we reading are friends that are in areas that are not only being affected by High Winds like we are but are under the threats of Tornadoes. We hope you make it Home Safely without any serious problems. We both have three Weather Icons on our Computers to keep track of the Storms ahead of us. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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Everything you won at a fair is hanging from your rear-view mirror.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Unexpected Sunday Morning Drive, Explaining About Being “Off The Grid” and Back To Winter Sheets.

Our Location today is Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

We had another great night’s sleep and we didn’t even have to set the alarm this morning. We are slowly adjusting to this new Time Zone. We are fortunate that we are taking our time heading back to Ontario which is giving our bodies the ability to get used to the different Time Change. Even with these cooler night time lows we are managing to find ways to keep comfortable without having to turn on our heaters. 

We were up by 8:00 MST this morning and after finishing our breakfast we took our Coffee/Tea over to the Computers. This allowed us to savour our breakfast beverage as well as catching up on our morning reading. Kathy even managed to chat with some of our family back home which helps to keep us informed of how things are going and anything new that has popped up. 
Unexpectedly ended up on I-10 westbound.
We headed out for a ride into Deming this morning. When we were here back in November I was so busy doing things to the trailer that we didn’t get a chance to explore this community. Driving down the Main Street I was in search of the Fuel Station we had used on our departure. The reason I was doing this was because we had taken I-10 West and exited right to this Station. Today I was trying to locate it from the town streets and what I did was drive right through town with a line of traffic following right behind me. 
The problem with that is Main Street curves right out onto I-10 with no place to stop and back up. That meant the next exit was twelve miles up the Highway which is how far we had to go to turn around because the Emergency Turn Arounds were occupied by Police Cruisers. Now that we know where that part of Main Street takes us we won’t be taking it by mistake anymore. It turned into an unexpected Sunday Morning Drive. 
Lots of green vegetation growing in the median.
Getting back to Deming we tried three more cross streets before finding the Fuel Station we were looking for but since our tank is still fairly full we’ll top off before leaving town.  
The Desert is green from all the rain this winter.
At that point it was already past 11:30 so we thought we’d have lunch. We had never eaten at a Sonic’s before so that was where we went. It reminded the both of us of the old Hi-Hos and A&Ws that you ordered off a menu outside and they delivered it to your car. As we sat there eating we also found out they had a Drive-Through Lane. 
Back to Deming.
From there we went to Walmart where we walked around looking at things being brought out to help people do Spring Cleaning around their homes. We even looked around the clothing area where we found some socks for Kathy. Then we got serious and started our grocery shopping. We’d been picking up a few things here and there while we were at the Escapade but we were running seriously low so today we needed to stock up. 

Back Home it took some time getting everything put away. While Kathy continued organizing other things I went upstairs and started changing our Bed Linens. I had laundered our clothes yesterday but not our linens. The reason we seem to be having trouble sleeping the last few days is the Night-Time Temperatures are getting quite cool and our Linen Sheets are not very warm. We decided to put our Winter Bedsheets back on the bed because we are bound to have plenty of cool nights before we get back to Ontario and there might be a few cold ones when we get there as well. 
Soon these Empty Seats would be filled.
It was nearly 4:00 when we walked over to the Clubhouse where they were having an Ice Cream Social. It cost a dollar a bowl for a couple of scoops of Ice Cream. Like yesterday’s breakfast it was run by volunteers and the earnings go to Escapees Care. While enjoying our snack, we had the chance to talk with other Escapee Members. Some were telling us about spending time in warm resorts while others just got their feet wet while Boondocking at the Escapade. When we mentioned spending over three months boondocking around Quartzsite we were hit with a flurry of questions and everyone seemed mesmerized as we explained what we did to be able to be “Off the Grid” for that length of time and how we conserved our resources. Some could only say they wish they could do that. Sounded like what we used to say. 

It was nearly 5:00 when we got back Home and I gathered the Linens and Towels to wash. Kathy busied herself while I spent the next hour and a half finishing our Laundry. 

For supper tonight I fired up the Weber Q and put our Pizza Stone on to preheat while Kathy and I took a store-bought Hawaiian Pizza and put it on a Pizza Pan. Even though the cooking instruction called for Twenty Minutes in a 350 F oven it took less then Fifteen Minutes to cook on our grill on medium heat.  

We’re expecting temperatures in the Mid-Thirties overnight so we are sure we’ll appreciate having our Warmer Bedsheets again. Tomorrow we are both wanting to get some projects done as well as doing more exploring around town. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration 

An act of love that fails is just as much a part of the divine life as an act of love that succeeds, for love is measured by fullness, not by reception. 

Harold Lokes

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Early Rising, Another Wiring Problem To Resolve and Tasty Tender Supper.

Our Location today is Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

We both seemed to sleep more soundly last night after having driven from Tucson to Deming it had tired us a bit but we were also better prepared for sleeping with the cooler temperatures. What didn’t go to well was going into a Time-Change and loosing an hour in our day. To top it off we then set our alarm to get us up early today. We had to get up to the Clubhouse between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. 

Every Saturday morning here at Dream Catchers RV Park they sell breakfast to anyone interested. You get Two Eggs, Hash-Browns, Toast, Juice, Coffee and your choice of Ham or Sausage all for $4.00 each. It is put on by park volunteers and they do a great job. How can you pass that up? We were both satisfied and we had the chance to visit with fellow Escapees most of which had also attended Escapade. 
Curb Side Mural.
Shortly before 9:00 we were on our way back to our trailer still tired but well fed. We saw this interesting little trailer that someone had personalized. It appeared to have been an older unit but with the Murals on it, it seemed refreshing. 
Rear Mural
Back Home since we had purchased Corn Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day but never cooked it Kathy decided to cook it in our Crockpot today. She wanted to cut the meat into cubes so that it would come out much more tender. Unfortunately, with the Arthritis in her hands acting up and she couldn’t cut the meat the way she wanted. I took over and either the Corned Beef was very tough or that knife was getting dull. I trimmed the excess fat away and then cubed the meat as per Kathy’s instructions. When it came to cutting the Cabbage I knew the knife was dull. After quickly sharpening it I finished the chopping so Kathy could season it her way and get it cooking. 
Road Side Mural
Kathy wanted to go to the Book Exchange Library so after gathering a number of books that she’s recently read she was soon on her way back to the Clubhouse. 
Over the front window.
With expected high winds forecasted for this afternoon I wanted to get our new Max-Air Roof Vent wired and installed this morning. I started by removing the Step-Ladder from the rear of the trailer so I could have access to the roof. Then going inside to the bedroom, I removed the inside vent trim. Trailer Vent Openings are all supposed to be wired for both a vent fan and for a second Air Conditioner allowing you the choice of what you want. The only wires that were run to the front vent opening were for an AC. I poked my fingers into all the openings and was very disappointed not to find the 12 Volt Wiring. I checked the Fuse Block to see what could be done and if supper had not been cooking I would have shut off the Electricity at the post and fixed the issue. 

Kathy was beaming when she returned having had a successful book exchange. When I explained our problem, she was willing to stop the Crockpot but I’d rather wait until I look at other alternatives. With laundry needing to be done I closed things back up and repackaged the Max-Air Vent for another day.  
Soup, Crackers with Cheese and Yogurt.
While I started sorting our clothes Kathy made Soup for lunch with Yogurt for dessert. By 1:00 it was my turn to head back to the Clubhouse to use the Washers and Dryers. I was the only one there so it didn’t take long to get things going. Once the clothes were in the Dryers I walked the Delicates back to the trailer where I hung them in the shower to dry. Kathy had been cleaning the Desert Dust from all over the inside of our Home. 

After returning with the Folded Clothes and putting them away I realized that I hadn’t rehung our Ladder earlier. Since we had a roll of Electrical Wire disappear from our open basement back in November I didn’t want to temp fate. The wind was gusting to 34 MPH so it was a little tricky tying it back up there.  
Kathy's way of making Corned Beef and Cabbage.
By the time I got in Kathy was serving our Corned Beef and Cabbage for supper. It had cooked so well and tender that we only needed a fork to eat it. It was delicious and we still have enough for another meal.  

Once the dishes were finished Kathy went back to reading her book while I started some minor preparation for the Security Light Modifications 

The Weather Network is forecasting high winds until long after we leave here on Wednesday so we’ll do some exploring in the area that we missed back in November. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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Sorry! My karma just ran over your dogma.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Unexpected Cold Night, Easy Travels, High Winds and From Escapade to Escapees Park.

Our Location today is Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A. 

As soon as we’d posted the Blog last night I started putting away our Computers so that we could have an earlier getaway in the morning. What I failed to do was to check the overnight weather forecast for Tucson. We were both surprised just how cold our Linen Sheets felt when we settled in for the night. About three weeks ago we had replaced our Winter Sheets with our Linens because they were keeping us too hot at night. Let’s just say they would have been well appreciated last night as we both had trouble keeping warm. 
When we got up just before 7:00 Arizona Time this morning we both found our housecoats in an effort to keeping ourselves warm. The inside thermometer showed the temp to be 43 F (6 C) which is a far cry from being comfortable. Our hot cup of coffee/tea spent more time defrosting our hands then being drank but we had everything packed and closed for traveling and were pulling off our site before 8:30.  
The reason for such an early start was to avoid the sudden rush of Escapees at the Dump-Out Station. Winding our way back towards the front of the Fairgrounds we finally arrived to our turnoff that was in fact clearly marked since the other day. By the time that we arrived one of two RVs ahead of us was just pulling out. That allowed us to swing around to come from the opposite direction so we could start the cleaning process while the other RV was still doing his chore. We were fortunate enough to have a Fresh Drinking Water Bib close enough to add some water while the Waste Tanks were draining. As soon as our Waste Tanks were empty we stopped taking on Fresh Water and were on our way. In that short time it had taken to freshen up our Home there were at least twenty RVs in line to dump out. 
It took less then five minutes after leaving the Fairgrounds before we were turning the truck Eastbound on I-10. There were very few steep mountain climbs as we meandered along seeing the last of the heavier mountain terrain. There were no slowdowns due to Accidents or Construction and everyone was focused at driving Safely. There were a number of Speed-Traps set up to keep the cars and light trucks that weren’t towing more in line with the posted limit. There were “High Wind Warnings” that were posted on the highway’s Digital Displays. There were many Dust-Devils visible off in the distance the entire trip which cause a lot of Blowing Sand across the Highway. 
After crossing into the state of New Mexico we stopped at a Flying J so we could have lunch and get some fuel. The RV Parking Area was packed so without hesitation we found ourselves a spot amongst the Semis. It felt good just walking to stretch our legs before going into Denny’s to have our meal. When our waitress first approached our table the first thing I did was verify the time with her. New Mexico does use Daylight Savings Time so we sprung forward an hour now making us now only two hours different to our family back home in Ontario. Our stop for Food and Fuel took just over an hour before we were once again heading east on I-10. 
It took less then an hour until we were exiting at Deming, New Mexico. It was amazing when the GPS tried to have us go in a different direction but because we had spent two weeks here in November I turned the way I knew we should. Three minutes later the GPS finally caught up with us just as we were arriving at the Escapee’s Dream Catcher RV Park. There were two RVs already stopped in the driveway and within minutes there were five more behind us extending onto the roadway. 
Kathy went in and had us registered in minutes while I crept the truck forward as the other RVs cleared the way. The Park had received numerous calls to reserve sites from others that had just left the Escapade in Tucson. Since most of the sites were booked we were given a Seasonal Site belonging to a Member that will be away for a while. 
It was an easy back-in site that brought today’s 209 Mile trip to an end by 3:30 Mountain Daylight Saving Time. Once the trailer was unhitched and leveled it didn’t take long to set up for our stay. Since we’ve been “Off the Grid” for a while, we thought we could stay at this Wonderful Park and get a few things taken care of. Being an Escapee Member does have its perks like low cost parks. 
Burgers and Bean Salad.
We continued to be buffeted by the High Winds after getting parked. When the Winds calmed a bit, we grilled a couple of Burgers for supper. Tonight’s temperature is forecasted to hit 37 F (3 C) so we’ll add extra covers and keep the heat in and to keep us warm and comfortable. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.
Pictures taken by Kathy.

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Every year my boss used to give me a bottle of expensive brandy because I'd told him that my doctor suggested a drink once in a while. This year my boss gave me the name of a new doctor. 

Milton Berle